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BASF increases capacity of its global plastic additives production network

Within the next five years, BASF plans to invest globally more than €200 million in its plastic additives business, approximately half of which in Asia, focusing on capacity expansions and operational excellence. Plastic additives improve product properties such as scratch resistance or light stability, and optimize plastics manufacturing...

Company name: BASF
Published On: Wednesday November 09th, 2016

Skin Pigment Could Help Strengthen Foams And Fabrics

Melanin is the natural molecule in animals' skin, hair and the iris of eyes that gives them color and helps protect them from ultraviolet light. Someday soon, the pigment could be found in unexpected places such as sofa cushions or clothing - but not for its hue. Scientists have found that adding a small amount of melanin to polyurethane makes it...

Company name:
Published On: Friday November 11th, 2016

ICP Adhesives & Sealants Chemist Recognized for Best of Presentation Award

ICP Adhesives & Sealants' industry leadership and dedication to Innovations that Improve continues to gain recognition, with the receipt of a Best of Presentation award for Dr. Andrew Shinko, R&D Chemist.The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry of the American Chemistry Council awarded Dr. Shinko the Best of Presentation in the Blowing Agents...

Company name: ICP Adhesives & Sealants
Published On: Wednesday November 09th, 2016

Chromaflo Featuring Global Presence at Feiplar/Feipur 2016

Chromaflo Technologies will present a broad product portfolio for the thermoset industry at Feiplar/Feipur, November 8-10, 2016. Products featured will include Plasticolors DTP, Plasticolors GTS, Plasticolors CF and Plasticolors DL products. Along with these products, Chromaflo will highlight the globalization of thermosets paired with reliable...

Company name: Chromaflo Technologies
Published On: Wednesday November 09th, 2016

Proposed REACH restriction dossier reflects industry's commitment to safe use of diisocyanates

On 7 October 2016, German REACH competent authorities submitted a restriction dossier to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) proposing risk management measures to ensure safe handling of diisocyanates at the workplace. The dossier calls for a mandatory training scheme for the industrial and professional use of diisocyanates but also allows...

Company name: The European Aliphatic Isocyanates Producers Association
Published On: Wednesday November 09th, 2016

Gas leakage: GNFC's TDI plant to restart after safety audit

The TDI plant of Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertiliser Company Limited (GNFC) in neighbouring Bharuch district, where five labourers died and over 10 others were injured following poisonous gas leakage last week, will restart only after safety audit, a senior official said today. The company, to be roped-in for conducting the safety audit, was yet to...

Company name: GNFC
Published On: Wednesday November 09th, 2016

What are the uses of polyurethane foam?

Polyurethane foam (PU foam) is a very versatile material. Its open and elastic cell structures make it very resistant to oxidation and aging, especially if compared to rubber or latex foams. According to the additives and the manufacturing systems used, very different characteristics and foams for very different uses can be achieved.Thanks to its...

Company name: Interplasp
Published On: Sunday November 13th, 2016

Axalta to Address Rising Coatings Performance Standards in ACE Market at European Coatings...

Axalta Coating Systems, a leading global manufacturer of liquid and powder coatings, will attend the European Coatings Technology Forum Coatings for Agriculture and Construction Equipment (ACE), taking place in Berlin, Germany, on November 24, 2016 at 11:45 a.m. Dr. Carlos Rodriguez Santamarta, Marketing and Strategy Manager for Axalta's Industrial...

Company name: Axalta Coating Systems
Published On: Friday November 11th, 2016

BASF solutions for wind energy comply with tightened emissions guidelines in China

The threshold limit values for industrial coatings expected to come into effect by 2022 in Beijing/China are already satisfied by the comprehensive wind energy-industry portfolio offered by BASF's Coatings division. To curb air pollution in China's capital, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection has adopted a policy paper that...

Company name: BASF SE
Published On: Sunday November 13th, 2016

Proper Preparation is Key in Polymer Flooring Installation: Epoxy and Urethane Flooring Installation...

Proper preparation is the first requirement for a polymer flooring installation. If preparation of the substrate is not done adequately, there is a significant chance of issues occurring such as bonding to the substrate and other problems.Concrete must be mechanically prepped utilizing diamond grinders, media blasting or scarifying. This is...

Company name: The Stonhard Group
Published On: Wednesday November 09th, 2016

Rhino Linings Introduces Hybrid Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation

Rhino Linings Corporation, a leading supplier and manufacturer of protective coatings and spray foam, today announced the release of ThermalGuard OC1.6. ThermalGuard OC1.6 is a unique water-blown, high-yield, hybrid cell spray polyurethane foam product that can be recirculated in cold temperatures, making it a robust, user-friendly alternative to...

Company name: Rhino Linings
Published On: Monday November 14th, 2016

New Polyurethane material to absorb impacts

The vibration protection specialist from Austria is launching a new range of elastic materials: Sylodamp . Specially designed for the highly effective damping of powerful impacts, Sylodamp benefits people, machines and their surroundings.When impacts with high force peaks are exerted on people or machines, often severe and sometimes irreversible...

Company name: Getzner Werkstoffe
Published On: Sunday November 06th, 2016

Polyiso Featured in First Building to Achieve the USGBC's Resilient Design Credit

The new headquarters for PIMA member GAF is the first building in the world to be awarded a LEED Resilient Design Pilot credit from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The award recognizes GAF's commitment to global sustainability and energy efficiency and the manufacturer's accommodations in the building's design that allow it to function...

Company name: The Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association
Published On: Wednesday November 09th, 2016

Isopan will open in romania a new line for the production of thermal insulation panels

In response to growing demand for insulated panels with reaction and fire resistance, Isopan has invested in a new production line in the factory located in Romania wich will be operational in 2017. The new line will produce, in addition to the polyurethane sandwich panels already in production, mineral wool insulation panels.Most of this line...

Company name: Isopan
Published On: Monday November 14th, 2016

Wearables for medical engineering

Wearable patches - small electronic devices that are affixed to the skin like a patch - turned out to be a well-visited highlight at the stand of Covestro at the recent K 2016 fair. The company is now looking forward to share its experiences with medical brands and tiers at Compamed trade fair from November 14 to 17 in Dusseldorf. Wearables are...

Company name: Covestro
Published On: Friday November 11th, 2016

Nader looking into strategic options for the Ottobock Kunststoff Group

In future Ottobock Group will be focusing its activities even more on the medical technology sector and the forthcoming IPO of Ottobock HealthCare.At present we are investigating strategic options for our business in the area of PUR Technologies - a market-leading, medium-sized specialist supplier. We anticipate a sales revenue of up to EUR 240...

Company name: Otto Bock HealthCare
Published On: Friday November 11th, 2016

BRECOflex's New AT10move-M is the Strongest Open-Ended Belt Available

BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. the leader in the polyurethane timing belt industry is pleased to introduce the newest belt option in our move-series, the AT10move-M. This open-ended version joins the successful BFXmove truly endless timing belt that was launched last spring. The move-series represents the next generation of timing belts, offering 75% higher...

Company name: BRECOflex
Published On: Thursday November 10th, 2016

Hybrid Head Scientist Wins Gold Medasl From IFIA For Core Non-Isocyanate Polyurethane Platform...

Hybrid Coating Technologies Inc. announced that its head scientist, Dr. Oleg Figovsky, has won two gold medals from the International Federation of Inventor's Association (IFIA) for two of Hybrid's non-isocyanate polyurethane platform technology patents. The IFIA is a non-profit organization established in 1968 with members in 95 countries. "Over...

Company name: Hybrid Coating Technologies
Published On: Monday November 14th, 2016

Covestro President to Become New Officer of American Chemistry Council

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) announced today at its board of directors meeting that Covestro President Jerry MacCleary will become the Council's newest board officer, effective January 1, 2017. "Advancing the understanding, value, and need for science- and risk-based decision-making in both the marketplace and public policy is central to...

Company name: The American Chemistry Council
Published On: Monday November 14th, 2016

Huntsman Officer Changes: J. Kimo Esplin Appointed Executive Vice President, Strategy & Investment;...

Huntsman Corporation announced today the appointment of J. Kimo Esplin as Executive Vice President, Strategy and Investment, and the promotion of Sean Douglas to Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, with both appointments effective January 1, 2017.In his new capacity, Mr. Esplin will report directly to Peter R. Huntsman, President...

Company name: Huntsman International LLC
Published On: Monday November 14th, 2016

Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri new brand video: what do to with an idea, your high tech solution provider.

Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri is pleased to intruduce its new Brand video, available in three languages: Enghlish, German and Chinese.Since 1985 Tecnoelastomeri has been developing TecnothaneTM MDI system technology, and since 2002 CastechTM Machine. Nowadays Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri is able to supply with full solutions in the hot cast elastomer...

Company name: Tecnoelastomeri
Published On: Monday November 14th, 2016

OSV Europos carried out the technival seminar Polyurethane Technologies Day

On the 8th of November in Warsaw there occured the international technical seminar Polyurethane Technologies Day. The organizers of this event are: PU systems distributor M.B. Market (Poland), the producer of equipment OSV Europos Technologija (Lithuania, Ukraine) and Dow global chemical concern (Poland, Germany, USA).The event gathered more than...

Company name: OSV Technologiya
Published On: Monday November 14th, 2016

15 years of ISOPAN Spain

On October 27th, over 250 people from the whole Iberian peninsula and north Africa, as well as from France and Italy, gathered at the Isopan facility of Constant́ (Tarragona) to share a day of celebration and information. In addition to celebrating this significant milestone, the aim was also to deepen technical knowledge and personal...

Company name: Isopan
Published On: Friday November 11th, 2016

CUFCA Status as a CO Confirmed by NRC/CCMC

On November 9, 2016 CUFCA`s status as a Certification Organization (CO) was confirmed by National Research Council Canada. CUFCA is recognized by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) for the administration of a Field Quality ssurance Program in accordance with CAN/ULC S, as required by the National Building Code of Canada for the...

Company name: The Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association
Published On: Friday November 11th, 2016

Brexit evolution impacts Q3 sales at Belgian foam manufacturer

Belgium-based international polyurethane foam manufacturer Recticel SA has reported that adverse currency differences have impacted sales during its third quarter.According to its latest trading update for Q3, combined group sales fell by 1.6% to €318.1m from €323.4m, which includes an adverse currency impact of -2.8%.Combined year-to-date for the...

Company name: Recticel
Published On: Wednesday November 09th, 2016

Plasticizers for resin compositions and resin compositions including the same

Provided are a plasticizer for a resin composition including any one or more selected from a polyvinyl chloride resin, a polyurethane resin, an epoxy resin, a polycarbonate resin or a biodegradable resin, which has excellent mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elongation and hardness, and shape processability, and particularly has...

Company name: SK innovation
Published On: Friday November 11th, 2016

Delayed action gelling catalyst compositions and methods for making polyurethane polymers

Additives for making polyurethanes are disclosed. The additives are based on combining specific carboxylic acids or carboxylic di-acids together with a gelling catalysts obtained when mixing an isocyanate-reactive tertiary amine catalysts with dimethyl tin di carboxylate salts and/or dimethyltin mercaptide salts.

Company name: Air Products and Chemicals, Inc
Published On: Saturday November 12th, 2016

Dioxomolybdenum (vi) complex compounds as catalysts for polyurethane compositions

The invention relates to dioxomolybdenum (VI) complex compounds of the formula MoO.sub.2(L).sub.x(Y).sub.2-x, where the ligand L has the formula (I). Such complex compounds are suitable in particular as catalysts for one- and two-component polyurethane compositions. The invention also relates to two-component polyurethane compositions including at...

Company name: Sika Technology AG
Published On: Saturday November 12th, 2016

High transparency pigments

The present invention provides a method for preparing conditioned pigments that have smaller diameter and increased color strength, masstone and travel by milling pigment with a dispersant comprising polyurethane. Further, the invention provides the conditioned pigments prepared by the method of the invention and their applications to paints,...

Company name: Sun Chemical
Published On: Thursday November 10th, 2016

Pigment pastes comprising an aqueous dispersion of a copolymer

The present invention relates to a pigment paste comprising at least one aqueous dispersion comprising at least one copolymer, said copolymer being preparable by (i) initially charging an aqueous dispersion of at least one polyurethane, and then (ii) polymerizing a mixture of olefinically unsaturated monomers in the presence of the polyurethane...

Company name: BASF Coatings AG
Published On: Saturday November 12th, 2016

Lightly modified prepolymers and uses thereof

An isocyanate-terminated prepolymer C having an NCO content of from .gtoreq.26% by mass to .ltoreq.31.0% by mass is obtainable from the reaction of an isocyanate composition A having a viscosity at C. of from .gtoreq.60 mPas to .ltoreq.800 mPas, comprising from .gtoreq.25% by mass to .ltoreq.60% by mass MDI and from .gtoreq.40% by mass...

Company name: Covestro
Published On: Friday November 11th, 2016

Interior sheet for vehicles and method for manufacturing same

The present invention relates to an interior sheet for vehicles which includes a surface-treated layer which is formed from the electron beam cross-linking of a siloxane-modified urethane-based acrylate resin, silicone acrylate, and polysiloxane.

Company name: LG Hausys
Published On: Thursday November 10th, 2016

Acrylic-urethane composite resin particles

Provided is an acrylic urethane composite resin particles comprising an acrylic urethane graft resin (I) and a graft acrylic resin (II), the acrylic urethane graft resin (I) being synthesized in the presence of the graft acrylic resin (II), the graft acrylic resin (II) being a hydrophobic-chain- and hydrophilic-chain-containing resin having a...

Company name: Kansai Paint
Published On: Saturday November 12th, 2016

Lamination printing ink comprising an aqueous dispersion comprising polyurethane

The present invention relates to a lamination printing ink comprising an aqueous polyurethane dispersion binder, pigments, an aqueous carrier and optional additives, wherein the polyurethane is made of polyisocyanates, specific polyesterdiols, polytetrahydrofuran diol, monohydroxy-poly(alkylene oxide), diamino acid compound, polyamine compound and...

Company name: BASF SE
Published On: Saturday November 12th, 2016

Polyurethane resin composition for hollow fiber membrane potting agent and hollow fiber membrane...

Provided are a polyurethane resin composition for a hollow fiber membrane potting agent, and a hollow fiber membrane module, and more particularly, a polyurethane resin composition for a hollow fiber membrane potting agent, which includes a polyurethane resin and a hydrophilic additive to have excellent resistance to internal/external pressure, and...

Company name: Lotte Chemical
Published On: Saturday November 12th, 2016

Composition that is suitable for producing polyurethane foams and that contains at least one...

The present invention relates to a method of producing polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foams which comprises the step of reacting a composition (Z1), comprising a composition (ZP) at least comprising a polyol and a catalyst that catalyzes the formation of a urethane, urea or isocyanurate bond, and a surfactant TD having an HLB value below 10 and...

Company name: BASF SE
Published On: Saturday November 12th, 2016

Polyurethane coating composition

A polymer useful in coating compositions is described. The polymer is preferably an unsaturated polyurethane polymer, which preferably has an iodine value of at least 10. The polymer may be combined with one or more liquid carriers to form a liquid coating composition useful in coating a variety of substrates, including planar metal substrates.

Company name: Valspar Sourcing
Published On: Friday November 11th, 2016

Fibrous support comprising a silicone coating

An article is described that includes at least one fibrous support surface coated by at least two successive layers including: an inner layer, in contact with the fibrous support, which is a coating including a silicone elastomer, polyurethane or silicone-polyurethane; and a topcoat outer layer, in contact with the inner layer, which is a coating...

Company name: BlueStar Silicones
Published On: Saturday November 12th, 2016

Primary optical fiber coating composition containing non-radiation curable component

An optical fiber is disclosed that includes a primary coating formed from a radiation curable composition that includes a curable cross-linker essentially free of urethane and urea functional groups, a curable diluent, and a non-radiation curable component comprising (thio)urethane and/or (thio)urea groups. The primary coating features low Young's...

Company name: Corning
Published On: Friday November 11th, 2016

Layered structures and articles prepared therefrom

The invention provides a layered structure comprising at least two layers: A) a first layer A, formed from a composition A, comprising a polyurethane; and B) a second layer B, formed from a composition B, comprising at least one functionalized polymer B comprising the following: i) at least one polymerized monomeric unit comprising a functional...

Company name: Dow Global Technologies
Published On: Friday November 11th, 2016

Adhesive optical member

Provided are: a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition for optical members having excellent durability, adhesiveness (adhesion), and removability; a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer for optical members that uses the pressure-sensitive adhesive composition; an adhesive optical member; and an image display device. The pressure-sensitive adhesive...

Company name: Nitto Denko Corporation
Published On: Saturday November 12th, 2016

Reactive hot melt

The reactive moisture cure hot melt adhesives of the invention have substantially improved assembly properties as a result of the unique combination of materials that provide excellent green strength. The adhesive includes at least an isocyanate compound, a polyether polyol, an aromatic tackifying composition, a thermoplastic polymer, and a block...

Company name: IFS Industries
Published On: Friday November 11th, 2016

Bookbinding adhesive

An object to be achieved by the present invention is to provide a bookbinding adhesive which is excellent in high-speed application properties, cutting properties, book opening properties, and bookbinding strength. The present invention is directed to a bookbinding adhesive characterized by having a melt viscosity in the range of from 1,000 to...

Company name: DIC Corporation
Published On: Thursday November 10th, 2016

Moisture curable hot melt adhesive with high adhesion strength and fast set time

The present invention relates to isocyanate free, moisture curable hot melt adhesive compositions having improved green strength, the production of such adhesives and the use of such adhesives.

Company name: Henkel
Published On: Saturday November 12th, 2016

Highly filled polyurethane compositions

A moisture-curing composition containing a) 5 to 20 wt. % of at least one isocyanate-functional polymer, b) 7 to 20 wt. % of rapeseed oil methyl ester and c) 70 to 88 wt. % of at least one filler, based on the total composition. Compositions are suitable in particular as adhesive, sealant or coating, and preferably as a parquet adhesive or joint...

Company name: Sika Technology AG
Published On: Saturday November 12th, 2016

Living hinge creation through extrusion of a thermoformable plastic sheet

A bathing vessel is made of a sheet of layered materials, which include a first layer of polyurethane material, a second layer of polyurethane material attached to the first layer, a third layer of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material attached to the second layer, and a fourth layer of acrylic material attached to the third layer. A first...

Company name: Delta Faucet
Published On: Friday November 11th, 2016

Cleaning blade, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus

A cleaning blade includes a polyurethane member that contains a polyurethane, the polyurethane member constituting at least a contact portion that comes in contact with a member to be cleaned. An infrared absorption spectrum obtained by infrared spectroscopy of the polyurethane member has a peak intensity ratio (A/B) of about 1.1 or more, where A...

Company name: Fuji Xerox
Published On: Thursday November 10th, 2016

Cleaning blade

A cleaning blade (1) having an elastic body (11) molded from a rubber base material, and having at least a surface treatment layer (12) on the area of the elastic body (11) that is brought into contact with a body to be contacted, wherein the surface treatment layer (12) is formed by impregnating the surface layer portion of the elastic body (11)...

Company name: Synztec Co., Ltd
Published On: Saturday November 12th, 2016

Golf balls having a foam center

Multi-layered golf balls containing a dual-core structure are provided. The core structure includes an inner core (center) comprising a foam composition, preferably foamed polyurethane. The outer core layer is preferably formed from a non-foamed composition selected from thermoset compositions and thermoplastic compositions. The core layers have...

Company name: Acushnet Company
Published On: Thursday November 10th, 2016

Centrifugal screen assembly

A screen assembly (10) for a horizontal screen machine has a screen body (12) diverging axially from an inlet end (13). A base wall portion (15) mounts the screen body (12) for rotation and includes eight substantially radial webs (16). An annular wall portion (21) is located adjacent the inner end (13) and includes drain passages (24) adapted to...

Company name: Weir Minerals
Published On: Saturday November 12th, 2016

Poly(butylene-co-adipate terephthalate), method of manufacture and uses thereof

A poly(butylene terephthalate-co-adipate) copolymer is disclosed, where the copolymer has a melt temperature from 105 to C., and wherein the copolymer includes a polyester component residue derived from a terephthalic-containing polyester homopolymer, a terephthalic-containing polyester copolymer, and combinations thereof, and further...

Company name: Sabic Innovative Plastics
Published On: Friday November 11th, 2016

Sustainable coatings from bio-based, enzymatically synthesized polyesters with enhanced...

Bio-based sorbitol-containing polyester polyols were synthesized via enzymatic polycondensation. The selectivity of the biocatalyst for primary vs. secondary hydroxyl groups allowed for the preparation of close to linear renewable polyester polyols with enhanced hydroxyl functionalities, both as pendant groups and end-groups. In some cases, the...

Company name: Eindhoven University of Technology
Published On: Friday November 11th, 2016

Study on the thermal behavior of new blocked polyisocyanates for polyurethane powder coatings

In this study, the thermal behavior of new blocked polyisocyanate crosslinkers for polyurethane powder coatings was investigated. Blocked polyisocyanates were synthesized on the basis of biuretization process using isophorone diisocyanate (IPDI) and formic acid as biuretizing agent. ε-caprolactam was employed as blocking agent. Blocked...

Company name: Rzesz�w University of Technology
Published On: Friday November 11th, 2016

Superior Performance of Polyurethane Based on Natural Melanin Nanoparticles

Melanin, a kind of well-known multifunctional biomacromolecules that are widely distributed in natural sources. In this work, polyurethane (PU)/melanin nanocomposites with enhanced tensile strength and toughness were successfully fabricated via in situ polymerization. It was found that the tensile strength (σ), elongation-at-break (εmax),...

Company name: Jiangnan University
Published On: Friday November 11th, 2016


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