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Univar to distribute BASF additives and polymers in Turkey

The global chemical distributor Univar Inc. has signed a new agreement with BASF to market and distribute its plastic additives and polymers in Turkey.The agreement includes over forty well-known BASF products such as Irganox and Sicopal, which help to enhance the performance, look, and feel of finished plastics goods. All the additives and...

Company name: Univar
Published On: Tuesday June 12th, 2012

AEROSIL: Excellent insulator

As insulation in vacuum insulation panels (VIPs), AEROSIL® has spent years in the limelight as a star in the production of energy-efficient refrigerators. With its vacuum insulation panels (VIPs), the Inorganic Materials Business Unit has provided the impetus for development of an exceptionally energy-efficient and economical solution. The panels...

Company name: Evonik Industries
Published On: Tuesday June 12th, 2012

High-performance solvent-free flooring adhesives – at last!

In recent years, floor coatings have been subject to increasingly strict emission-related demands. The problem was that solvent-free contact adhesives were not good enough for critical applications such as skirting boards and stairs. Now, however, Bayer MaterialScience offers raw materials and starting formulations to address adhesion problems of...

Company name: Bayer Coatings
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

Significant time savings through polyaspartic binders

Innovative polyaspartic binders can help cut costs by significantly reducing application times. They not only dry much faster than conventional topcoats but also enable a thicker film to be applied, thus saving one coat in the application process. This boost to productivity makes polyaspartic binders an attractive alternative to current systems....

Company name: Bayer Coatings
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

Pepsi Bottling Plant Uses TerraThane Geotechnical Polyurethane Foam by NCFI to Save Spillage and...

When the ground inevitably shifts and erodes beneath concrete slab floors of factories and warehouses like the Pepsi Bottling Group facility in Nashville, TN, the slabs become uneven and the joints become mini-speed bumps. Drivers of forklifts will tell you it makes for a bumpy ride as they transport pallets of Pepsi and other beverages across the...

Company name: NCFI Polyurethanes
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

Woodbridge WhisperTech™ Polyurethane Foam Now Meets UL-94 V0 Rated Flammability Requirements for NVH...

Woodbridge is pleased to announce the development of an industry leading flame retardant foam, for a range of under-hood acoustical and thermal insulating applications, to meet increasingly stringent OEM needs. This new material represents a significant breakthrough in flammability performance for Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) solutions,...

Company name: The Woodbridge Group
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

The foam becomes intelligent

In a breakthrough innovation, ORSA Foam has introduced the use of microspheres in flexible polyurethane foam and invested the i-fo@m with a technology that can be applied to a wide range of polyurethane foams. In fact, through microencapsulation, special or active substances can be introduced in millions of particles (microspheres). This protects...

Company name: Orsa Foam
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

Polyurethane plastic coatings: the vital thin film

Plastics are part and parcel of our everyday life. So much so it is impossible to imagine a world without plastics. But besides their many advantages, plastics are also very vulnerable. Scratches, stains and discoloration can easily spoil the good looks that make plastics attractive in the first place – unless the coating protects the matrix like...

Company name: Bayer Coatings
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

Long-term corrosion protection for polyurethane-coated wastewater pipes in Saudi Arabia

2K polyurethane coating systems developed by Bayer MaterialScience have demonstrated their corrosion protection capabilities under harsh, real-life conditions. Where high performance and efficiency is important, polyurethanes deliver key advantages.Bayer MaterialScience has supplied polyurethane coating raw materials (Desmodur® / Desmophen®) to...

Company name: Bayer Coatings
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

Lightfast polyurethane cast systems: ideal for many encapsulation applications

More and more people are switching to LED-based lamps because of their energy efficiency and long service life. Solar power is one of the most popular renewable energy sources. Encapsulation of LEDs and solar modules is just one of many foreseeable applications of lightfast polyurethane cast systems, for which Bayer MaterialScience produces two...

Company name: Bayer Coatings
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

Electrolube launch isocyanate free and flame retardant polyester resins at assembly & automation

Electrolube, the global manufacturer of materials for electronics, automotive and manufacturing, will launch two new polyester resins to the US market at the Assembly & Automation Technology Expo (AATE) in Chicago on the 19-21 June on booth 947. PE7600 is a high performance, opaque, flame retardant encapsulation resin developed primarily for...

Company name: Electrolube
Published On: Friday June 15th, 2012

Films at your fingertips: Easy-to-navigate website is a one-stop shop for users of Bayer’s specialty...

Bayer MaterialScience LLC produces a wide range of films used in the automotive, apparel, footwear, electronics, lighting, medical packaging, printed graphics, and security and ID card industries. The company recently unveiled a new website that is essentially a one-stop shop for users of its specialty film products. Launched by Bayer's films...

Company name: Bayer MaterialScience LLC
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Terahertz makes waves for fibre-reinforced sandwich parts

SKZ, the German Plastics Centre, is launching two research studies for a methodical and extensive investigation of possible application scenarios for terahertz waves in the plastics industry.SKZ hopes the results shall provide a guide of future developments for terahertz system suppliers as well as for the plastics industry, with systematic...

Company name: SKZ - German Plastics Center
Published On: Monday June 11th, 2012

Johnson Controls Honored With 'Supplier of the Year' and 'Concept Interior of the Year' Awards

Leading automotive supplier receives two awards at Automotive Interiors Expo 2012 in Stuttgart, GermanyJohnson Controls, a global leader in automotive interiors and electronics, received two awards at the Automotive Interiors Expo 2012 in Stuttgart. An independent jury of 14 international automobile journalists voted the company 'Supplier of the...

Company name: Johnson Controls
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Freudenberg completes realignment of automotive portfolio

New joint venture TrelleborgVibracoustic takes off / Molded brake parts activities sold to ContiTech Vibration ControlThe joint venture between the Freudenberg Vibracoustic Business Group and the automotive antivibration activities of Trelleborg lays a viable future foundation for vibration control solutions in the passenger car and commercial...

Company name: Freudenberg Group
Published On: Friday June 15th, 2012

Five Years of SleepBetter Innovations Built into New Carpenter Co. Website

Carpenter Co. recently launched a redesigned website that combines all of the company’s innovative consumer education programs and tools into an online communication platform like no other in its industry. Created by Dan Schecter, senior vice president of consumer products at Carpenter Co. in 2007, SleepBetter is both a brand and a...

Company name: Carpenter
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Sealy Corporation Acquires a Stake in Comfort Revolution

Sealy® Corporation, the largest bedding manufacturer in the world, has acquired a non-controlling interest in Comfort Revolution, a company known for innovative foam products that offer an especially comfortable night's sleep.Headquartered in West Long Branch, New Jersey, Comfort Revolution will continue to be led by Founder and CEO Michael Fux,...

Company name: Sealy
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

NEU and Microspec to deliver antimicrobial solutions for complex medical tubing

NEU Specialty Engineered Materials LLC, a subsidiary of PolyOne Corporation, announced a strategic relationship with Microspec Corporation to develop antimicrobial formulations for small-diameter catheters and medical tubing based on PolyOne’s Withstand antimicrobial technologies.NEU's antimicrobial solutions for medical devices such as catheters...

Company name: New England Urethane Inc
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

New and Improved Quiet & Easy Rolling Solid Poly Wheels

High quality PTMEG polyurethane and extensive product testing have lead RWM to introduce a new and improved solid poly wheel that offers a drastic increase in performance over current industry poly type wheels and they are proudly Made in the USA!Our new 60D Premium Solid Polyurethane Wheels take performance to the next level. They offer quiet...

Company name: RWM Casters
Published On: Friday June 15th, 2012

Caster Concepts Acquires LARCASTER/Owl Welding

Caster Concepts, Inc. located in Albion, MI and the manufacturer of heavy duty industrial casters and wheels announced this morning that it has acquired the assets and select liabilities of LARCASTER/Owl Welding located in Selkirk, Manitoba. The deal is effective immediately. President William H. Dobbins stated, “This is an exciting opportunity for...

Company name: Caster Concepts
Published On: Monday June 18th, 2012

Dorf Ketal Names Daniel NG as President Asia Pacific

Dorf Ketal Chemicals, one of the largest manufacturers of formulation based specialty chemicals to be used in refining, petrochemical & allied industry today announced that Daniel NG has been named as President Asia Pacific. Dorf Ketal today is a preferred supplier of research based specialty chemicals and additives for customers in Middle East,...

Company name: Dorf Ketal Chemicals
Published On: Monday June 18th, 2012

Dow Announces Executive Changes

The Dow Chemical Co. recently announced the retirement of Geoffery Merszei, executive vice president of Dow, president of Dow Europe, Middle East and Africa, and chairman of Dow Europe. His retirement will be effective early in 2013. Merszei will relinquish his current leadership responsibilities on Aug. 1 and retain his chairmanship of Dow...

Company name: The Dow Chemical Company
Published On: Monday June 18th, 2012

Personnel changes in the PU systems business of Bayer MaterialScience

Effective 1 July 2012, Herbert Radunz will become head of polyurethanes systems house activities at Bayer MaterialScience in Germany and the Netherlands.In this position Radunz succeeds Dr. Wilhelm Lamberts, who has been President of the Baulé systems house since 1 April 2012, and Philipp Polenz, who will head Commercial Operations Polyurethanes in...

Company name: Bayer MaterialScience
Published On: Friday June 15th, 2012

New Managing Director for BASF Polyurethanes South Africa

The global chemical manufacturing company BASF Polyurethanes has appointed Christian Mirangels its new Managing Director for South Africa.Former Managing Director, Andrew Bailey has been appointed as BASF West Africa, Managing Director: business development, following 11 years of successful leadership in South Africa.Christian Mirangels’ career...

Company name: BASF Polyurethanes South Africa
Published On: Tuesday June 12th, 2012

Polyurethane Chemicals and Products In Europe, Middle East And Africa (EMEA) 2012 Ninth Edition...

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Polyurethane Chemicals and Products In Europe, Middle East And Africa (EMEA) 2012 Ninth Edition" report to their offering. IAL Consultants is completely updating its in- depth market report on Polyurethane Chemicals and Products in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The new report will feature an...

Company name: Research and Markets
Published On: Monday June 18th, 2012

Selena wins the Teraz Polska award

The Selena Group – global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals – won the Teraz Polska contest. This year, for the first time in the history of the Teraz Polska award, companies competed in the new category “Investments abroad.” Selena received the award – as the only company in the category – for its polyurethane foam...

Company name: Selena
Published On: Friday June 15th, 2012

Dow invests in new equipment

Dow has invested in formulation and testing capabilities at its Performance Plastics Innovation Center at the company’s European Headquarters in Horgen, Switzerland. The company said that responding to extensive growth in the use of elastomers for adhesives and flexible membranes, it has invested in new lab-scale equipment.The new equipment...

Company name: The Dow Chemical Company
Published On: Friday June 15th, 2012

Henkel Opens New Adhesives Plant in Hungary

Henkel put a new adhesives factory into operation in the Hungarian city of Környe, in the district Komárom-Esztergom. The site is designed for an annual production capacity of about 22,000 tons of adhesives destined to supply the packaging and labeling industries, along with the brands Pattex and Thomsit (for floor applications) as well as special...

Company name: Henkel
Published On: Tuesday June 12th, 2012

Storm hits Europur

Europur, the European Association of Flexible Polyurethane Foam Block Manufacturers, is facing several threats to its future existence. Attendance at the recent General Assembly on 7 – 8 June 2012 in Budapest, Hungary, was the lowest in 25 years.“There are several reasons for the lower than expected participation,” suggested Ward Dupont, President...

Company name: Europur
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Composition of HCFO-1233zd and polyol blends for use in polyurethane foam

The HCFO-1233zd polyurethane foam blowing agent is mixed with polyol blends consisting of at least one polyether polyol and at leas one polyester polyol. The combination is useful in producing polyurethane, thermosetting foams. Polyurethane foams are useful in applications such as thermal insulation in appliances, and residential and commercial...

Company name: Arkema
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

N,N,N'-Trimethyl-Bis-(Aminoethyl) Ether and its Derivatives as Catalysts for Polyurethanes

The present invention provides compounds produced by the reaction of glycidyl ethers and glycidyl esters with ether compounds including N,N,N'-trimethyl-bis-(aminoethyl)ether. N,N,N'-trimethyl-bis-(aminoethyl)ether and its derivatives can be used as polyurethane catalysts.

Company name: Air Products and Chemicals, Inc
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Thermoplastic resin composition

A thermoplastic resin composition obtained by mixing 100 parts by weight of at least one thermoplastic resin (A) with 0.1 to 4 parts by weight of (B) a polyfunctional compound having three or more functional groups in which at least one of the terminal structures haying the functional groups is a structure represented by formula (1): ##STR00001##...

Company name: Toray Industries
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Fluoropolymer coated films useful for photovoltaic module

A photovoltaic module backsheet includes a polyester film having opposite first and second surfaces, and first and second fluoropolymer coatings on the first and second surfaces of the polyester film. The first and second fluoropolymer coatings each include fluoropolymer selected from homopolymers and copolymers of vinyl fluoride and homopolymers...

Company name: E I du Pont de Nemours & Company
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Method for producing a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet

It is provided a method for producing a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet which is superior in a heat-resistance. A mixture is prepared by uniformly mixing a specific polymer having hydrolyzable silyl end groups and urethane linkages and/or urea linkages in the main chains or side chains with tackifying resins. A fluorine-containing...

Company name: Konishi
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Pigment dispersion and aqueous ink for inkjet recording

There is provided a pigment dispersion including water, an aqueous polymer and a pigment as essential components, wherein the aqueous polymer is a carboxyl group-containing polyurethane which is formed by reacting a diol compound, a diisocyanate compound and a reaction product, which is mainly composed of a compound represented by general formula...

Company name: DIC Corporation
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Method of manufacturing shoe using multi-functional primer

The present invention provides a method of manufacturing a shoe using a multifunctional primer, comprising the steps of coating a rubber outsole made of unvulcanized rubber with a liquid multifunctional primer comprising a polyurethane dispersion, a butadiene rubber solution, and a natural rubber solution; vulcanizing the unvulcanized rubber...

Company name:
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

Multi-functional primer and method of manufacturing shoe using the same

The present invention provides a multifunctional primer, comprising a first solution including 15 to 55 parts by weight of natural rubber and 750 to 1350 parts by weight of an organic solvent; a second solution from 100 parts by weight of the first solution and additionally 45 to 90 parts by weight of a polyurethane-dispersion; comprising a third...

Company name:
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Aqueous polyurethane resin dispersion and process for preparing the same

An object is to obtain an aqueous polyurethane resin dispersion having excellent drying property, which can provide a coating film having high hardness. The aqueous polyurethane resin dispersion comprises a polyurethane resin obtained by reacting (a) a polyol compound, (b) a polyisocyanate compound, (c) an acidic group-containing polyol compound...

Company name:
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Waterborne polyisocyanate composition that provides a low friction coating

The present invention is a chemical composition that provides a low friction coating and a low sliding coefficient of friction onto a plastic or metal working part that includes a waterborne polyisocyanate such as ureas, urethanes or tetramethylxylene diisocyanates (TMXDI) in the composition structure and a plurality of cross linkable functional...

Company name:
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

Radiovisible hydrogel intervertebral disc nucleus

A spinal implant for replacing the natural nucleus of the disc made from a polymer such as hydrogel having a radiopaque material located within the polymer. The material may be in the form of a powder dispersed throughout the polymer or may be in he form of a powder dispersed in layers or in other specific locations within the polymer. The...

Company name: Howmedica Osteonics
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Polyurethane foams containing incorporated phase change material

The invention relates to polyurethane foams with incorporated phase change material, especially for reinforcing the back of deep-drawn films and components.

Company name: Bayer MaterialScience AG
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

Thermoplastic moulding compositions having improved ductility

Thermoplastic molding compositions comprising A) from 40 to 96% by weight of a semiaromatic polyamide, B) from 2 to 30% by weight of a copolymer composed of B.sub.1) from 35 to 89.9% by weight of ethylene, B.sub.2) from 10 to 60% by weight of 1-octene or 1-butene or propylene or a mixture of these, and B.sub.3) from 0.05 to 5% by weight of...

Company name: BASF SE
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Method for producing a flexible composite elastomeric polyurethane skin

The present invention relates to a method for producing a flexible elastomeric composite polyurethane skin comprising a first and a second flexible polyurethane layer obtained by spraying a first and a second polyurethane reaction mixture onto one another. The first reaction mixture is an aliphatic polyurethane reaction mixture which is free of...

Company name: Recticel Automobilsysteme
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Fiber-reinforced polyurethane molded part comprising three-dimensional raised structures

The invention relates to a fibre-reinforced polyurethane moulded part which has structures such as ribs, struts or domes, said structures being likewise fibre-reinforced.

Company name: Bayer MaterialScience AG
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

Non-isocyanate-based polyurethane and hybrid polyurethane-epoxy nanocomposite polymer compositions

A fast curable non-isocyanate-based polyurethane- and polyurethane-epoxy network nanocomposite polymeric compositions are derived upon crosslinking a mixture comprising of natural or modified nano-clay [ionic phyllosilicate] with platelet thickness in the scale of .ANG. (.about.1 nm) and aspect ratio (length/thickness) higher than 10 (nm)]...

Company name: Huntsman Advanced Materials
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

Masonry construction using single-component polyurethane foam

A masonry wall is constructed of multiple courses of bricks, concrete blocks or other masonry units. A single-component urethane foam material is employed as bonding agent and is applied to the facing surfaces of the masonry units. The single-component material cures by absorbing water from its environment. The material sets up slowly to permit the...

Company name: Calmar Holdings
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Multilayer panel

A multilayer panel that comprises: a first layer in view, which has an aesthetic function, is resistant, and is made of PDCPD; a second, insulation and self-bonding, layer of polyurethane; and possibly a third, flexible or semi-rigid, layer, formed by a plastic or metal film with the function of vapour barrier, which can be made of PU or PE film.

Company name: Arche Pannelli
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

Tire having a coated surface

A tire includes at least one outer structural element, wherein the at least one outer structural element is at least partially coated by at least one coating layer including a crosslinked composition obtained by reacting: (a) at least one polysulfide polymer; (b) at least one thermoplastic polymer having at least one hydroxyl group; with (c) at...

Company name: Pirelli Tyre
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Connecting component for electrical conductors and method for sheathing such a connecting component ...

It is proposed to oversheath with an insulating envelope a connecting component formed by a first housing (1), wherein said electrical component there are disposed electrical components which are connected to coupling elements (10) acting outwards. For this purpose, the first housing (1) is surrounded by a second housing (16), where the coupling...

Company name:
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

Breast pad construction with improved nipple concealment

A bra or other garment pad for breast support has a top fabric layer, a top polyurethane foam layer adhered to the top fabric layer and a nipple concealing disk of shaved polyurethane foam adhered to or formed as part of the top foam layer. The disk is at a nipple covering location of an outer perimeter of the pad and is substantially circular, and...

Company name:
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

Multi-layered golf balls containing polyethylene powder

A multi-layered golf ball having an inner core, at least one intermediate layer, and outer cover is provided. The intermediate layer is made from a polyurea composition containing ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene powder particulate dispersed therein. The intermediate layer provides the ball with advantageous properties including improved...

Company name: Acushnet Company
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Medical dressing and negative pressure wound therapy apparatus using the same

A medical dressing is provided. The medical dressing includes a first and a second woven layers respectively having a fiber of polyurethane or a yarn of polyurethane; and a plurality of linear support portions woven between the first and second woven layers.

Company name:
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Antimicrobial material and method for making the same

This invention provides a modified catheter/indwelling device biomaterial that provides both immediate, and long-term microbiocidal effects on otherwise antibiotic-resistant strains of microorganisms. The material, which exhibits good mechanical performance characteristics for medical devices, is composed of a hydrophobic polyurethane (PU), a...

Company name:
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Sound absorbing body and manufacturing method thereof

Sound-absorbing material is provided which is more effective for the same volume. A sound-absorbing body is formed characteristically by hot-compression molding of a raw material (C) comprises a flexible polyurethane foam to a volume ratio ranging from 1/1.5 to 1/12. In the molding, metal molds (AB) are heated in an electric furnace up to a set...

Company name:
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Thermoplastic polyurethane infused mesh

Embodiments of the present invention relate to a thermoplastic polyurethane ("TPU") infused mesh material that is molded to form at least a portion of a shoe. The TPU infused mesh may be formed as an upper, a portion of sole or other components of a shoe. The TPU infused mesh is formed, in an exemplary embodiment, through the application of liquid...

Company name: Converse
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

Lactam-based compounds with a urethane or urea functional group, and uses thereof

Compounds comprising a lactam moiety, and a urethane or urea functional group are presented. By a preferred synthesis route, they are prepared using at least one polymerizable compound comprising an isocyanate moiety and reacting it with at least one hydroxyalkyl lactam compound or one aminoalkyl lactam compound. In preferred embodiments the lactam...

Company name:
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

Hyperbranched polymeric dispersants and non-aqueous pigment dispersions

A polymeric dispersant having a hyperbranched polyurethane architecture obtained by reacting a polyisocyanate core with a mixture of: a) 40 to 65 mol % of an anchor represented by Formula (I) and/or (II): ##STR00001## wherein n represents an integer selected from 0 to 7; and X and Y each independently represent a primary amine group or a hydroxyl...

Company name: Agfa-Gevaert
Published On: Thursday June 14th, 2012

Method of making hydroxymethylphosphonate, polyurethane foam-forming compositions, polyurethane foam...

A method of making hydroxymethylphosphonate comprising heating paraformaldehyde in a solvent to a desired reaction temperature, wherein the solvent is present in at least an amount necessary to solvate or suspend the paraformaldehyde; adding at least one alkyl phosphite to the heated paraformaldehyde, to provide hydroxymethylphosphonate, the alkyl...

Company name: ICL-IP America
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Fluorine-containing treatment composition

Disclosed is a composition containing a fluorine-containing urethane compound (A) and a fluorine-containing polymer (B) having a repeating unit derived from a fluorine-containing monomer represented by the following formula (I): CH.sub.2.dbd.C(--X)--C(.dbd.O)-A-Rf (I) (wherein X represents a fluorine atom, a chlorine atom, a bromine atom, an iodine...

Company name: Daikin Industries
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Aluminum chelate latent curing agent and production method thereof

An aluminum chelate latent curing agent includes an aluminum chelate curing agent, and a porous resin that holds the aluminum chelate curing agent and is obtained by subjecting a polyfunctional isocyanate compound to interfacial polymerization while simultaneously subjecting a polyfunctional radical polymerizable compound to radical polymerization...

Company name: Sony Chemical & Information Device Corporation
Published On: Wednesday June 13th, 2012

Correlating mechanical and electrical properties of filler‐loaded polyurethane...

The dynamic mechanical properties and electrical conductivity of a class of polyurethane fluoroelastomers filled with different carbon black types and loadings were investigated. In particular, finely structured and coarsely structured carbon blacks were considered. Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) on the unfilled fluoroelastomer confirmed the...

Company name: Politecnico di Milano
Published On: Monday June 18th, 2012

Sorption of remazol brilliant blue R onto polyurethane‐type foam prepared from peanut shell

The powders of peanut shell is first liquefied with the mixture of polyethylene glycol-400 and monoethylene glycol (MEG) using sulfuric acid at 160°C for 2 h. Polyurethane (PU)-type rigid foam is prepared from the reaction between peanut shell liquefied with the MEG and diphenylmethane diisocyanate. Then the PU foam is used as a sorbent for the...

Company name: Aralik University
Published On: Monday June 18th, 2012

Influence of nanoclays on electrical and morphological properties of thermoplastic...

Nanocomposites of thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs), multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) and clays were prepared via melt processing using polyether- and polyester-based TPUs, MWCNTs, and organically modified nanoclays (Cloisite C30B and C25A). Coaddition of clays and MWCNTs to TPU nanocomposites increased their electrical conductivities above...

Company name: The University of Suwon
Published On: Monday June 18th, 2012

Structure-property correlation of polyurethane nanocomposites: Influence of loading and nature of...

New generation polyurethane nanocomposites based on toluene diisocyanate, poly(propylene glycol), hyperbranched polymers (HBPs), and nanosilica were synthesized with the aim of determining the effect of the loading and nature of nanosilica and the functionality of HBP on the structure and properties of polyurethane nanocomposites. Good dispersion...

Company name: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Published On: Monday June 18th, 2012

Two‐Way Shape Changes of a Shape‐Memory Poly(ester urethane)

Phase-segregated PEU exhibits two-way shape changes under various constant stresses. Most distinct actuation (expansion on cooling and contraction on heating) can be detected between +60 and −20 °C when the maximum stress applied during a thermo-mechanical pretreatment approached the point where deformation-induced crystallization of the PBA...

Company name: BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing
Published On: Monday June 18th, 2012

The synthetic kinetics and underwater acoustic absorption properties of novel epoxyurethanes and...

Reaction kinetics between isocyanate-terminated prepolyurethane (PPU) and glycidol using dibutyltin dilaurate (DBTDL) as a catalyst was investigated by monitoring the change in the intensity of the absorbance peak of NCO stretching band at 2,270 cm−1 on Fourier transform infrared spectrum at different temperatures. The results indicated that...

Company name: Naval University of Engineering
Published On: Monday June 18th, 2012

Synthesis of α,ω‐Isocyanate–Telechelic Poly(methyl methacrylate)

The preparation of α,ω-isocyanate–telechelic poly(methyl methacrylate) using RAFT polymerization and two postpolymerization modification steps is presented. The synthetic strategy includes the RAFT polymerization of methyl methacrylate, which results in a hetero telechelic polymer. In the first modification step by radical exchange, a...

Company name: Bayer MaterialScience AG
Published On: Monday June 18th, 2012

Synthesis and physicochemical properties of polyurethane block copolymers and their compositions...

The synthesis of polyurethane block based on oligoesterdiols 4,4′-methylene-bis(phenylisocyanate), and various chain elongating agents was studied. The properties of these copolymers were compared (using literature data) with selected properties of polyurethanes obtained by the reactions of oligoetherdiols, viz.,...

Company name: Russian Academy of Sciences
Published On: Monday June 18th, 2012


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