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Flame Retardant Ban Passes Maryland General Assembly

The Maryland Senate yesterday passed HB 99, which bans child care products for children under 3 containing the flame-retardant chemical TCEP. The chemical is one of several flame-retardants highly criticized by health advocates for their toxic effects in laboratory studies and persistence in the household environment. The bill is sponsored by...

Company name:
Published On: Monday April 08th, 2013

Comprehensive Solutions for Advanced Seating Design

Dow Automotive Systems is addressing state-of-the-art automotive seating technology with a number of advanced materials and solutions. Examples include lower-emissions foams with reduced volatile organic compounds and lightweighting solutions to help reduce overall vehicle weight and improve fuel economy.“Our R&D team has successfully launched...

Company name: Dow Automotive
Published On: Wednesday April 03rd, 2013

Fomo Products’ Experts to Present Polyurethane Foam Adhesive and Sealant Seminar at 2013 ASC...

Fomo Products, Inc. polyurethane experts Julie Shoemaker and Sandy Gump will present a "Polyurethane Foam: Sealant and Adhesive" seminar on Monday, April 22, from 2:30-3:30 p.m. as part of the Polyurethane Short Course taking place at the 2013 ASC Spring Convention & Expo, April 21-23 at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, Georgia.Shoemaker and Gump will...

Company name: Fomo Products Inc
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Connecticut Legislature Passes Bill to Enact Regulations for Spray Foam Insulation

The Committee on General Law of the state of Connecticut has passed regulations directly affecting the spray polyurethane foam industry. The committee voted unanimously on March 12 to pass House Bill No. 5908, which was subsequently filed on March 26. The bill states that Connecticut shall adopt regulations to develop safety and certification...

Company name: Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance
Published On: Wednesday April 03rd, 2013

NCFI Polyurethanes Hosting SPFA Professional Certification Program

You are invited to come to Mount Airy to NCFI as we present the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance Professional Certification Program training and examinations for both Roofing and Insulation. The schedule will be as follows:Assistant Training and Exam - Monday April 29, 2013Installer Training and Exam - Tuesday April 30,2013Master Installer Training...

Company name: NCFI Polyurethanes
Published On: Thursday April 04th, 2013

Minwax® Introduces PolyShades® Aerosol; Popular One-Step Stain & Polyurethane Now in Convenient...

Minwax®, the wood care company that has helped consumers bring out the beauty of wood in their homes for well over 100 years, has taken the nation's #2 leading wood stain product – Minwax® PolyShades® one-step stain and polyurethane – and made it even easier to use by putting it in a convenient aerosol spray can. PolyShades® aerosol is available in...

Company name: Minwax
Published On: Wednesday April 03rd, 2013

Huntsman localises industrial adhesives mobile app

Huntsman Advanced Materials has enhanced its industrial adhesives mobile app for Android, iPhone and Blackberry with a geolocation feature that allows European-based engineers and specifiers to easily find the nearest distributor to their geographic location.The app’s product selector enables identification of the right Araldite® industrial...

Company name: Huntsman Advanced Materials
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Dow Automotive Systems with New Product Portfolio for Commercial Transportation

In its strive to supply the commercial transportation industry with its renowned experience in adhesives, composites and foams Dow Automotive Systems provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to improve the durability, corrosion improvement, light-weight and safety requirements for commercial vehicles. Major technologies available and proven...

Company name: Dow Automotive
Published On: Wednesday April 03rd, 2013

Spray Valve Control System provides repeatable performance

Fisnar Inc. brings together an enhanced SV2000N series of close tolerance, minimum overspray valves with a precision SVC100 controller that manages the functions necessary to provide repeatable and precise spray performance.SV2000N valves are available in 3, 12 & 18mm spray paths, suitable for urethanes, flux and silicone coatings. Valves are...

Company name: Fisnar
Published On: Sunday April 07th, 2013

BASF launches new website for sustainable construction

BASF has launched a new global construction website with a focus on sustainability ( ), offering quick and easy access to essential information for the industry stakeholders. The website presents the company’s products and solutions in terms of challenges faced by the construction industry such as increasing durability,...

Company name: Global Portal BASF Construction Industry
Published On: Wednesday April 03rd, 2013

BASF presents materials for energy-efficient and low-maintenance construction in Russia

MosBuild – Russia’s largest trade fair for interior construction and building materials – is one of the world’s major construction trade fairs. From April 2-5, 2013, BASF will be exhibiting in Moscow as the leading global partner for sustainable construction, at Booth 333 in Pavilion F. Its main focus will be on various solutions to increase energy...

Company name: BASF
Published On: Wednesday April 03rd, 2013

FlexShield Medical Device Pouch in Action

FLexShield is UFP Technologies latest innovation for medical device packaging. It is a pouch used to protect medical instruments and provide puncture and abrasion resistance to an external sterile barrier. This video demonstrates how a medical instrument is loaded into the FlexShield and how the instrument is removed just before use.FlexShield is...

Company name: UFP Technologies, Inc
Published On: Wednesday April 03rd, 2013

Self-assembling furniture rom shape memory polyurethane 'grows like popcorn'

A designer has invented self-assembly furniture which moulds itself into whatever shape you want - potentially spelling the end for the Ikea flatpack.The plastic material expands into its final shape 'like popcorn' once it is plugged into a socket and heats up to temperature.And if you don't like the final design of the chair or table you can...

Company name:
Published On: Monday April 08th, 2013

ISOPA responds to Medisch Contact article, 6 March 2013

Polyurethane spray foam insulation, when used correctly and as intended, poses no risk to human, animal or environmental health and safety, and has been safely applied to over 10,000 crawl spaces annually in the Netherlands for the past 30 years. ISOPA, and the polyurethanes industry, take the issues of health and safety very seriously as it is in...

Company name: ISOPA
Published On: Monday April 08th, 2013

ITW Polymers Coatings Opens New Plant

ITW Polymers Coatings North America has announced the grand opening of its newest manufacturing plant, in Houston, TX.The company broke ground on the new 71,000-square-foot facility last May and produced the first batches of material in February. The factory combines the operations of two smaller facilities into one new manufacturing environment...

Company name: ITW Polymer Technologies
Published On: Monday April 08th, 2013

Bayer takes to the skies to mark major milestone

Bayer Australia Ltd celebrated the organisation’s 150th anniversary milestone by taking to the skies with a giant blue and green airship.Renowned for its scientific discoveries in the fields of health, agriculture and high-tech materials, Bayer sees the airship as a fitting symbol for its anniversary celebrations.CEO of Bayer Australia and New...

Company name: Bayer Australia
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Cytec Completes Sale of Coating Resins Business

Cytec Industries Inc. announced today that it has completed the previously announced sale of its Coating Resins business to Advent International, a global private equity firm for a total value of $1,133 million including assumed liabilities of approximately $118 million. The final price paid is subject to final working capital and other customary...

Company name: Cytec Industries
Published On: Thursday April 04th, 2013

Giants join for petrochemical complex

PTT Global Chemical has signed a tentative deal with Indonesian oil and gas company Pertamina to develop a petrochemical complex in Indonesia worth up to Bt150 billion.The two companies signed the heads-of-agreement deal yesterday in Thailand to determine the framework of their collaboration to study details of investment and a business plan, and...

Company name: PTT Global Chemical
Published On: Thursday April 04th, 2013

Walki to open new plant in Poland

Walki Group announced that it will expand its production network in Europe by opening a new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Wroclaw, Poland. The new plant, which is scheduled to start production during the third quarter of 2013, will be Walki’s third production site in Poland.Initially, the plant will focus on serving the customer segments...

Company name: Walki
Published On: Wednesday April 03rd, 2013

Myriant and Bayegan Group Partner to Commercialize Renewable Chemicals

Myriant Corporation, a global renewable chemicals company located in the United States, and Bayegan Group, an international chemical production and trading company headquartered in Turkey, today announced a broad collaboration agreement to commercialize Myriant's bio-succinic acid in markets across the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa...

Company name: Myriant
Published On: Wednesday April 03rd, 2013

National Coatings Hires Brian Villa as National Sales Manager

National Coatings Corporation (NCC), a leading manufacturer and supplier of durable, energy efficient, elastomeric roof coatings, is pleased to announce Brian Villa has joined the organization as the National Sales Manager. Villa will be focused on cultivating and strengthening, current and future relationships resulting in strong growth for...

Company name: National Coatings
Published On: Wednesday April 03rd, 2013

Polycarbonate and/or polyurethane polyorganosiloxane compounds

The invention relates to novel polycarbonate- and/or polyurethane-polyorganosiloxane compounds, processes for their preparation, their use, precursors for their preparation and reactive compositions which contain the precursors.

Company name: Momentive Performance Materials
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Polyether block copolymers and compositions that can be obtained therefrom

Polyether block copolymers of the general structure B-(A-OH).sub.n are described, where n is greater than or equal to 2 and blocks A are made up of polyoxypropylene units and the central block B of polyoxytetramethylene, polyoxyethylene, polybutadiene, polyisoprene, polyacrylate, polymethacrylate, polyamide, polyurethane, or polyester units. These...

Company name: Henkel
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Polyurethane-modified acrylic resin and preparing method thereof

A polyurethane-modified acrylic resin and a preparing method thereof are disclosed. The polyurethane-modified acrylic resin is prepared through the following steps: preparing a monomer with double bond and urethane group by means of a reaction of isocyanate, hydroxylalkyl acrylate and aliphatic alcohol, and then copolymerizing the monomer with...

Company name:
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Polyurethane-containing inkjet ink

The present disclosure provides inks, ink sets, and method for manufacturing inkjet inks. The inkjet ink comprises a colorant; a liquid vehicle; a surfactant; and a polyurethane binder, the polyurethane binder including polymerized monomers of a polyether polyol, a diisocyanate, and an acid polyol, where the polyurethane binder has a Mw from about...

Company name: Hewlett-Packard
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Primerless two-part polyurethane adhesive

A two-part polyurethane adhesive comprising a prepolymer having the reaction product of a non-ionic surfactant and an allophanate modified isocyanate and a curative having a urethane modified high molecular weight polyol, a urethane modified cross-linking compound and a non-urethane modified low molecular weight chain extending compound. The...

Company name:
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure sensitive adhesive tape

Provided is a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition capable of sufficiently expressing each of "attachment position correction workability" that enables a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape containing the composition to be easily aligned by the expression of good temporary attachment property, "reworkability" that enables the tape to be easily...

Company name:
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Production method for pressure-sensitive adhesive composition

Provided is a production method for a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition capable of sufficiently expressing each of "attachment position correction workability" that enables a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape containing the composition to be easily aligned by the expression of good temporary attachment property, "reworkability" that enables...

Company name:
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Primer composition for optical articles and optical articles

A primer coating composition is provided for an optical article capable of forming a coating layer having excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and adhesion to various kinds of plastic materials without occurring of appearance faulty for an optical base material, for example, a plastic lens for an eyeglass. A primer composition for an...

Company name: Tokuyama
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Methods for reducing tackiness associated with a xanthine compound

The invention relates to a composition containing, preferably in a physiologically acceptable medium, at least one xanthine base or a plant extract containing it, at least one polyurethane powder, and at least one non-ionic dimethicone copolyol. The invention also relates to a cosmetic method for combating cellulite and/or "orange-peel" skin and/or...

Company name: L Oreal
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

High air flow polyurethane viscoelastic foam

Polyurethane foams and methods for making polyurethane foams are provided. The method may comprise forming a reaction mixture including a toluene diisocyanate (TDI) component, an isocyanate reactive component comprising one or more propylene oxide rich (PO-rich) polyols, one or more ethylene oxide rich (EO-rich) polyols having a combined number...

Company name: Dow Global Technologies Inc
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Steel wrapped pressure vessel

A light weight pressure vessel (10) has been proposed. The vessel (10) is made of a steel, aluminum or non-metal liner (11) which is reinforced with high strength steel wires (21) of 2000-7000 MPa strength. The matrix is filled with a polymer epoxy resin (45). A top layer of fabric tape (33) soaked in resin (45) has been used to embed the finish...

Company name: Wiretough Cylinders
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Production of amino lignin and amino lignin cellulose resins and adhesives

Flame retardant and water resistant products are produced from bio-based materials such as lignin cellulose containing materials. The lignin cellulose materials are modified by the method of delignification. The method of this invention utilizes an amino compound in an aqueous solution to react with the lignin in the lignin cellulose and the amino...

Company name:
Published On: Monday April 08th, 2013

Biodegradable polymeric compositions comprising starch and a thermoplastic polymer

The present invention provides polymeric compositions containing thermoplastic starch and a thermoplastic polymer incompatible with starch, in which the starch constitutes the dispersed phase and the thermoplastic polymer constitutes the continuous phase, selected: A) from compositions comprising an agent with an interfacial effect selected from...

Company name: Novamont
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Coated springs and mattress made thereof

The invention describes a coated spring for mattresses that comprises a helical compression spring and a wrapping in the form of a bag containing the spring, wherein the bag containing the spring is injected with a polymeric reaction mixture, which after reacting or curing produces a polymeric foam, preferably of flexible polyurethane up to a...

Company name:
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Golf ball having relationships among the densities of various layers

A four piece golf ball includes several relationships among the values of the densities of its layers. Namely, the sum of the density of the inner core and the outer core is at least 2 g/cm.sup.3, the sum of the density of the inner cover layer and the outer cover layer is at least 2.2 g/cm.sup.3, and the difference between these two sums is at...

Company name: Nike
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Golf ball

A golf ball 2 includes a center 12, a mid layer 14, a reinforcing layer 6, a cover 8 and a paint layer 10. The golf ball 2 has a large number of dimples 16 on the surface thereof. The cover 8 is formed of a resin composition including thermoplastic polyurethane (A) and a polyisocyanate mixture (B). The polyisocyanate mixture (B) includes a urethane...

Company name: SRI Sports
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Medical-surgical devices

An embryo replacement catheter has a flexible extruded shaft of a transparent polyurethane with a bore extending along its length. Gas bubbles of a diameter in the range to are incorporated into the thickness of the wall of the shaft by adding gas during extrusion. The bubbles are selected to increase the visibility of the catheter...

Company name: Smiths Group
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Acrylate polyurethane chemical mechanical polishing layer

A chemical mechanical polishing pad comprising an acrylate polyurethane polishing layer, wherein the polishing layer exhibits a tensile modulus of 65 to 500 MPa; an elongation to break of 50 to 250%; a storage modulus, G', of 25 to 200 MPa; a Shore D hardness of 25 to 75; and a wet cut rate of 1 to 10 .mu.m/min.

Company name:
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Process for manufacturing polishing pad

A method for manufacturing a polishing pad that has a high level of optical detection accuracy and is prevented from causing slurry leak from between the polishing region and the light-transmitting region includes preparing a cell-dispersed urethane composition by a mechanical foaming method; placing a light-transmitting region at a predetermined...

Company name: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd
Published On: Monday April 08th, 2013

Tertiary amine composition and method for making the composition

A composition and method for producing a tertiary amine is disclosed. The tertiary amine is contacted with an inert gas. The inert gas is nitrogen or more preferably argon. The amine composition is useful in producing polyurethane foam with lower levels of chemical emissions particularly lower emissions of toxic chemicals.

Company name: Air Products and Chemicals
Published On: Friday April 05th, 2013

Core-shell structure design of pulverized expandable graphite particles and their application in...

Pulverized expandable graphite (pEG) and melamine -formaldehyde (MF) resin core − shell structure particles (pEG@MF) as specific flame retardants for rigid polyurethane foam (RPUF) were synthesized by encapsulating pEG particles with a layer of MF resin via in situ polycondensation. The initial feed weight ratio of pEG and...

Company name: Sichuan University
Published On: Monday April 08th, 2013

Cytocompatible polyurethanes from fatty acids through covalent immobilization of collagen

Two different polyurethanes synthesized from two triols derived from undecenoic acid (PU1) and oleic acid (PU2) fatty acids were functionalised with Collagen type I via plasma treatment aimed at obtaining novel biomaterials with improved biological properties. Scanning Electron Microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, optical microscopy,...

Company name: Rovira i Virgili University
Published On: Monday April 08th, 2013

Synthesis of isosorbide based polyurethanes: An isocyanate free method

The synthesis of isocyanate free polyurethanes is a major concern. This paper first reports the synthesis of new biobased isosorbide dicyclocarbonates from isosorbide. Then polyhydroxyurethanes (PHUs) were synthesized by a cyclocarbonate–amine step growth polyaddition with four commercial diamines (e.g. jeffamine D-400, 1,10 diaminodecane,...

Company name: Ecole Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier
Published On: Monday April 08th, 2013

Smart secondary polyurethane dispersions

Secondary dispersions of cationic segmented polyurethanes (PUs) with thermoresponsivity (upper critical solution temperature (UCST) in water), high solid contents and antibacterial properties are highlighted in this paper. PUs were prepared by polyaddition reactions and subsequent quaternization with methyl iodide. No additional stabilizers,...

Company name: Universität Bayreuth
Published On: Monday April 08th, 2013

Homogeneous Isocyanate and Catalyst free Synthesis of Polyurethanes in Aqueous Media

We report an efficient and environmentally-friendly method of synthesizing polyurethanes in aqueous solution via an isocyanate and catalyst free polymerization process. Five different polyurethanes were synthesized by first activating 1,6-hexanediol and poly(ethylene glycol) with bis(pentafluorophenyl)carbonate, and then polycondensing various...

Company name: IBM
Published On: Monday April 08th, 2013

Effect of the diisocyanate structure and the molecular weight of diols on bio-based polyurethanes

Bio-based polyurethanes (PU) containing poly(ε-caprolactone) diol (PCL) and hydroxyl telechelic natural rubber (HTNR) were synthesized. The effect of the diisocyanate structure and the molecular weights of diols on the mechanical properties of PU were investigated. Three different molecular structures of diisocyanate were employed: an...

Company name: Prince of Songkla University
Published On: Monday April 08th, 2013

Alternative Pathway for the Synthesis of Isocyanate and Urea Functionalised Metal Organic Frameworks

We have developed a generic two-step post-functionalisation technique for transforming amino-functionalised MOFs into their isocyanate analogues. The first part of the synthetic pathway consists in the conversion of the amino moieties into azido groups. Next, the thermal activation of these azido groups leads to nitrene species that can react with...

Company name: Universita di Torino
Published On: Monday April 08th, 2013

A Convenient Palladium-Catalyzed Carbonylative Synthesis of 2‐Amino‐Benzoxazinones from...

A general and convenient methodology for 2-amino benzoxazinone synthesis has been developed (see scheme). Readily available 2-bromoanilines and isocyanates were used as substrates and various products have been prepared in good yields. Notably, [Mo(CO)6] as a solid CO source was applied instead of gas.

Company name: Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
Published On: Monday April 08th, 2013

Photoresponsive Polyesters for Tailorable Shape Memory Biomaterials

The synthesis of a library of poly(ester urethane)s (PEUs) containing pendant photoresponsive moieties afforded through the incorporation of one of two novel bifunctional monomers resulted in degradable materials with a range of tunable thermal and mechanical properties. Utilizing light irradiation, macroscopic temporary shapes were fixed by...

Company name: The University of North Carolina
Published On: Monday April 08th, 2013


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