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New aldimine latent hardener for 1K PU systems

Incorez, a global manufacturer of oxazolidines, waterborne epoxy curing agents, and waterborne polyurethane dispersions, has added latent hardener Incozol BH to its comprehensive product portfolio.Incozol BH is an aldimine latent hardener specially designed for one-component PU systems and is suitable for use with both aromatic and aliphatic...

Company name: Incorez
Published On: Tuesday May 28th, 2013

Corothane® I GalvaPac Zinc Primer

Corothane® I GalvaPac Zinc Primer is a zinc-rich moisture curing urethane primer designed for application to blast- or power tool-cleaned steel surfaces in temperatures as low 20° F.Corothane® I GalvaPac Zinc Primer is a zinc-rich moisture curing urethane primer designed for application to blast- or power tool-cleaned steel surfaces in temperatures...

Company name: The Sherwin-Williams Company
Published On: Monday June 03rd, 2013

KODA Strengthens its Presence in CASE Market by Acquiring Kaufmann

KODA Distribution Group, a leading specialty chemical distributor, has acquired EW Kaufmann, headquartered in Bristol, PA. The transaction closed recently."This acquisition offers us the regional focus we desire and significantly strengthens our presence in the Northeast US in the CASE market", said Frank Bergonzi, CEO of KODA Distribution Group....

Company name: Koda Distribution
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Axalta Coating Systems Receives Daimler Trucks North America Masters of Quality Award

Axalta Coating Systems, formerly DuPont Performance Coatings, the leading manufacturer and marketer of heavy-duty truck coatings, received the prestigious Daimler Trucks North America Masters of Quality award. This is the seventh year Axalta received the award, and the fourth consecutive year of the past five.The 25-year-old Masters of Quality...

Company name: Axalta Coating Systems
Published On: Tuesday May 28th, 2013

Water-based conformal coatings protect circuits

CHEMTRONICS Konform UR-A urethane conformal coating is water-based and protects circuits from moisture and air-borne contaminants. Product protects against abrasion, humidity, salt, corrosive vapors, solvents and fungus for printed circuit board and electronic assemblies. Konform HR Conformal Coating is a hybrid of acrylic and urethane resins, with...

Company name: ITW Chemtronics
Published On: Monday June 03rd, 2013

SPI Polyurea Protective Coatings Help Restore Devastated Zoo Animal Enclosures

Specialty Products, Inc. (SPI) and Dragon Spray Systems recently teamed up to aid in the renovation of the Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot, North Dakota after a devastating flood. According to Adrian Zettell, President of Dragon Spray Systems, with the exception of a few concrete enclosures, the zoo was nearly destroyed. The concrete structures that...

Company name: Specialty Products
Published On: Saturday June 01st, 2013

New adhesives plant in Brazil

April saw the official opening of the new polyurethane plant in Jundiaí, São Paulo. Among the select group of guests were senior executives Jan-Dirk Auris, Jean Fayolle and Jerry Perkins, as well as the colleagues responsible for the feasibility studies and management of the plant construction project.Designed for extensive automation, the new...

Company name: Henkel
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Polyurethane acceptance increases productivity

Kinder & Co attributes the achievement of increased productivity goals to the acceptance of polyurethane in bulk materials handling processes.A recent industry report advised mining companies to focus more on improving productivity rather than just digging up bigger volumes of minerals. ABS data indicates that the output of minerals per hour worked...

Company name: Kinder and Co
Published On: Thursday May 30th, 2013

Concrete Jack Awarded Multi-Year Polyurethane Injection Bid

Concrete Jack has been awarded a three year contract for on-call high density polyurethane injection for Hanover County, Virginia. Locations of performance include educational, correctional and public works facilities. Concrete Jack has previously performed high density polyurethane injection (also known as polyurethane concrete raising and foam...

Company name: Concrete Jack
Published On: Monday June 03rd, 2013

Energy efficiency drive boosts Recticel's polyurethane insulation

Recticel sees Europe's insulation market expanding by five to 10 percent each year and its polyurethane sector growing even faster following increases in heating costs and the introduction of tighter rules on energy efficiency for new houses.Insulation is the smallest of the Belgian foam producer's four divisions, but it has posted the fastest...

Company name: Recticel
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation Gives New Life To Aging food Storage Facility

When you're in the business of providing food to those who need it the most, it is important to keep that food fresh. Freshness is derived from adequate room temperature, which is best attained by proper insulation. was on site for a retrofit insulation project.The Treasure Coast Food Bank (TCFB), an organization whose aim is to stop...

Company name: LEED Insulation
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Johnson Controls acquires full ownership of TJC joint venture in India

Johnson Controls has acquired 100 % ownership of Tata Johnson Controls (TJC). The former 50/50 joint venture between Tata Automotive Components (TACO) and Johnson Controls is a supplier of automotive seat systems and components in India, serving most major OEMs on the market. The final transfer of the 50 % share held by TACO has taken place after...

Company name: Johnson Controls
Published On: Tuesday May 28th, 2013

Successful installation of two Embedded Rail test tracks

The Embedded Rail system from Getzner has recently been successfully installed on two sections of tram track in Düsseldorf and Nuremberg. This vibration isolation system has been specially optimised for inner-city transport and results in greater passenger comfort and less wear and noise on commuter services.Underfloor gauge rods and mounting...

Company name: Getzner Werkstoffe
Published On: Thursday May 30th, 2013

Mouka partners online stores for product sales

In its commitment to adding comfort to life, leading foam and bedding manufacturing company in Nigeria, Mouka Limited has partnered with and, online stores to provide more convenient way of payment for its customers as well as increase its product sales.The platform will serve as a virtual Mouka store designed to mirror the...

Company name: Mouka
Published On: Monday June 03rd, 2013

Georgia-Based SPF Equipment Supplier's Sales Spike As Demand for Spray Rigs and Parts Increase

Georgia-based Urethane Supply, Inc's recent success on spray foam equipment sales reflects the company's outlook on the SPF market. The company's regional outlook witnessed a growth in demand for spray rigs and equipment since last year, particularly on the Eastern seaboard where the northern states are still recovering from the damages of...

Company name: Urethane Supply
Published On: Monday June 03rd, 2013

Cytec Coating Resins Establishes Exciting New Identity as Allnex

The divestiture of the Coating Resins business of Cytec Industries to funds affiliated with Advent International was first announced in October 2012 and completed on April 3, 2013. The adoption of the new name – Allnex – is the first step towards establishing the company’s new identity.“We are excited about our new name,” states CEO Frank Aranzana....

Company name: Allnex
Published On: Monday June 03rd, 2013

Most demanding project creates opportunities for pipe-linings company

Pipe-linings manufacturer Urethane Moulded Products (UMP) is tackling its most technically chal- lenging project to date for Turkish construction company Tekfen, which involves supplying several specialised polyurethane linings for pipe bends at a phosphate project in Morocco.The lining is able to withstand corrosive environments and has great...

Company name: Urethane Moulded Products
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Research and Markets: Urethane and Other Foam Product (Except Polystyrene) 2013 Q2 Edition: Industry...

This 2013 publication of Urethane and Other Foam Product (except Polystyrene) Manufacturing Industry report is the comprehensive market research guide for the industry. It contains the latest information on the industry's key financial data, competitive landscape, cost and pricing, and trends during the current environment, including the output and...

Company name: Research and Markets
Published On: Thursday May 30th, 2013

BASF and Markor sign contracts for butanediol and polytetrahydrofuran joint ventures in China

BASF and Xinjiang Markor Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Markor) have signed key cooperation contracts for the establishment of joint ventures for the production of butanediol (BDO) and polytetrahydrofuran (PolyTHF®, chemical name: polytetramethylene ether glycol). The joint venture companies will be established once the relevant Chinese regulatory...

Company name: BASF
Published On: Thursday May 30th, 2013

Songwon appoints Joachim Bayer as their new Global Business Manager for Specialty Antioxidants and...

Songwon Industrial Group, the second largest manufacturer of polymer stabilizers in the world, has appointed Joachim Bayer as their new Global Business Manager for Songwon Specialty Antioxidants & New Products as of the 1st of June 2013. Joachim will take responsibility for the entire specialty antioxidant product line to establish sustainable and...

Company name: Songwon
Published On: Monday June 03rd, 2013

Process for preparing isocyanates by phosgenation of the corresponding amines in the gas phase

A process for preparing isocyanates by phosgenation of the corresponding amines in a fluidized-bed reactor (R), wherein a gas stream (1) comprising the phosgene is used as fluidizing gas and keeps an inert solid in suspension and a liquid stream (2) comprising the amine is fed into the fluidized bed, with the amine vaporizing partially or...

Company name:
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Urethane resin composition, coating agent, laminate, and leather-like sheet, use of urethane resin...

A problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide a urethane resin composition capable of forming a film having excellent adhesiveness to an adhesive, a putty material, and the like and having excellent durability such as moisture-heat resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and the like. The present invention relates to a urethane resin...

Company name: DIC Corporation
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Urea-urethane gellant compositions with controlled molecular weight and methods of preparation

Urea-urethane gellant compositions and methods of preparing the urea-urethane gellant compositions. The method includes adding an isocyanate, an alcohol or a diamine, and a solvent to a reaction vessel; stirring the reaction vessel at either ambient or elevated temperature; isolating an intermediate product from the reaction vessel; and converting...

Company name: Xerox
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Ink-jet ink comprising cross-linked pigment dispersion and a polymeric binder

The present disclosure provides an ink-jet ink containing an aqueous ink vehicle, an aqueous dispersion and a polymeric binder. The aqueous dispersion contains a colorant and a polyurethane dispersant, wherein the polyurethane dispersant is made with a polymer having cross-linkable moieties that are cross-linked with a cross-linking agent.

Company name: E I du Pont de Nemours & Company
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Biocompatible surgical compositions

Biocompatible macromer compositions are provided including an isocyanate-functional polyalkylene oxide combined with at least one multi-functional isocyanate as a first component, and a multi-amino functional compound possessing multiple primary amines as a second component. The isocyanate-functional polyalkylene oxide has pendant polyalkylene...

Company name: Covidien
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Composition comprising novel polyurethanes and cosmetic treatment process

The present disclosure relates to novel polyurethanes comprising cationic units, of diisocyanates and of nonionic units derived from polyolefins comprising at least 10 mol % of units comprising at least one residual carbon-carbon double bond. The present disclosure also relates to cosmetic or pharmaceutical compositions comprising the...

Company name: L Oreal
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Polyurethane foam containing silicone

Low density, flame-retardant polyurethane foams are prepared by reaction of a polyisocyanate with a branched organopolysiloxane prepared by reaction of a reactive hydrogen-functional organopolysiloxane with a polyisocyanate followed by reaction with an amine. Water is preferably used as a blowing agent in a one shot process.

Company name: Wacker Chemie AG
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Reducing emissions in polyurethane foam

This invention disclosure relates to a process to make flexible open cell polyurethane foam with optimum mechanical properties and lowest chemical emissions. Using the selection of tertiary amine catalysts together with a group of carboxylic acids according to this disclosure can produce foam products with optimum properties and lowest chemical...

Company name: Air Products and Chemicals
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Composite parts comprising plastically deformable rigid polyurethane foam, adhesive and covering...

The present invention relates to a process for producing composite parts comprising a thermoformable rigid polyurethane foam and a covering material, wherein a thermoformable polyurethane foam is provided and adhesively bonded to covering material, where a moisture-curing polyurethane adhesive which is cured by bringing into contact with an...

Company name:
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Polyisocyanurate composition

Polyisocyanurate foam composition, articles comprising the composition and a method of making the composition are described. The polyisocyanurate foam composition comprises the reaction product of a polyisocyanate compound; and a first polyester polyol comprising the residue of orthophthalic acid; a second polyester polyol comprising the residue of...

Company name: Dow Global Technologies
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Coating composition for metal conductors

The invention relates to a coating composition for coating electrically conductive wires. The coating composition comprising 0.1 to 60 wt % of reactive particles, based on an element-oxygen network and further having reactive functional groups chemically bound to the surface of the element-oxygen network. At least one of the reactive functional...

Company name: E I du Pont de Nemours & Company
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Coating materials with high solids content and good levelling, multi-coat paint systems produced...

Disclosed is a coating composition based on aprotic solvents and comprising at least one hydroxyl-containing compound (A) and at least one compound (B) having isocyanate groups and having at least one silane group of the formula (I) --X--Si--R''.sub.xG3-.sub.x (I) with G=identical or different hydrolyzable groups, R'=hydrogen, alkyl or cycloalkyl,...

Company name: BASF Coatings AG
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Vegetable oil-based coating and method for application

A method of applying a urethane material to a vehicle substrate that includes the steps of: providing a vehicle substrate; and applying a urethane material to the vehicle substrate where the urethane material typically includes the reaction product of an A-side that includes an isocyanate and a B-side that typically includes a blown soy oil, at...

Company name: Tandem Polymers
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Adhesive composition for the manufacturing of corrugated paper board

An adhesive composition comprising an amount of an adhesive, and an amount of an additive which is selected from the group of homopolymers of acrylic acid, copolymers of acrylic acid, and polyacrylates, polyurethanes, cellulose thickening agent, natural or synthetic gum, natural or synthetic resin, silica or an inorganic minerals having a layered...

Company name: Corrutech
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Nonaqueous pressure-sensitive adhesive for medicinal tape preparation for percutaneous absorption,...

The present invention is directed to a nonaqueous pressure-sensitive adhesive that may be used in medicinal tape preparations for percutaneous absorption. The adhesive may comprise a copolymer obtained by copolymerization of a (meth)acrylic monomer having an acetoacetyl group in the molecule and one or more monomers from among other (meth)acrylic...

Company name: Nipro Patch
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Environmentally friendly polyurethane composite panel

The present invention is a method to make an environmentally friendly polyurethane molded article (100) comprising at least 20 percent renewable materials and molded articles made therefrom. Specifically, the method provides for molding a polyurethane coated sandwich structure (40) comprising a honey comb core (30) having fiber reinforcing layers...

Company name: Dow Global Technologies Inc
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Golf ball material and golf ball using the same

An object of the present invention is to provide a golf ball with improved durability and/or resilience by improving the adhesion between a constituent member comprising an ionomer resin and a constituent member comprising a polyurethane. The present invention provides a golf ball material composed of a multi-block copolymer having a block A that...

Company name: Dunlop Sports
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Process for producing insulated jacketed pipes by a continuous production process

The present invention relates to a continuous process for producing insulated pipes comprising a conveying pipe, a jacketing pipe, a layer made of at least one polyurethane between conveying pipe and jacketing pipe, and a foil tube between the at least one polyurethane and the jacketing pipe, comprising at least the steps of (A) in a gripper-belt...

Company name:
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Elevator load bearing member having a jacket with at least one rough exterior surface

An elevator load bearing member assembly includes at least one roughened surface (46) on a polyurethane jacket (44). In one example, mechanical roughening is used to roughen the surface (46) after the jacket has been extruded onto tension members (42). In another example, the temperatures used for molding a jacket (44) are controlled to induce melt...

Company name: Otis Elevator
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Polyurethane injected boot assembly and associated manufacturing method

A footwear assembly having an upper that comprises a neoprene sock with a foot portion integrally connected to a leg portion. The foot portion has heel, vamp and under-foot portions. The leg portion has front shin, side wall, and rear calf-side portions. The upper has a unitary, outer, injection molded layer molded directly onto the foot and shin...

Company name: LaCrosse Footwear
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Non-isocyanate-based polyurethane and hybrid polyurethane-epoxy nanocomposite polymer compositions

A fast curable non-isocyanate-based polyurethane- and polyurethane-epoxy network nanocomposite polymeric compositions are derived upon crosslinking a mixture comprising of natural or modified nano-clay [ionic phyllosilicate] with platelet thickness in the scale of .ANG. (.about.1 nm) and aspect ratio (length/thickness) higher than 10 (nm)]...

Company name: Huntsman Advanced Materials
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Glycerol ester-free functionalized vegetable oil derivatives and their latex compounds

The present invention is directed to a fatty amide (meth)acrylate monomer, methods of making the monomer, and latex polymers comprising the fatty amide (meth)acrylate monomer. The monomers are derived by reacting unsaturated vegetable oils with ethanolamine or substituted ethanolamine. The vegetable oil derivative is then reacted with either...

Company name: The University of Southern Mississippi
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Novel methods for the synthesis and purification of oligomers

A reagent for oligonucleotide synthesis or purification, wherein the reagent has a structure of: X--C-L-H (Formula A) wherein X is a phosphoramidite group, an H-phosphonate group, an acetal group, or an isocyanate; C is a direct bond or a cleavable adaptor represented by --C.sub.a-C.sub.b--; L is a hydrocarbyl chain; and H is a terminal alkyne or...

Company name: Agilent Technologies
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Method for preparing an organopolysiloxane compound and curing composition using the compound

A method for preparing an organopolysiloxane compound by mixing (A) an organopolysiloxane of the formula (1): ##STR00001## wherein R.sup.1 is a monovalent hydrocarbon group and may be the same or different, R is a divalent hydrocarbon group, and n is an integer of at least 2, with (B) an organic compound of the formula (2) or (3): ##STR00002##...

Company name: Shin-Etsu Chemical
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Method of producing coated textile, more particularly synthetic leathers

A process for the production of coated textiles, a textile substrate being coated or impregnated with a solution (I) comprising polyurethane, and the polyurethane then being precipitated in or on the textile substrate, wherein polyurethane dissolved in ionic liquid is used as solution (I).

Company name: BASF SE
Published On: Friday May 31st, 2013

Chitin based polyurethanes using hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene, Part I: Molecular engineering

Chitin based polyurethanes (PUs) using hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) as soft segment were prepared and the structure of the proposed PU was confirmed using FTIR spectrometer. PU prepolymer was prepared using HTPB and toluene-2,4-diisocyanate (TDI), and the chain was extended with different proportions of 1,4-butane diol (BDO) and chitin....

Company name: University of the Punjab
Published On: Monday June 03rd, 2013

Characterization and biocompatibility studies of new degradable poly(urea)urethanes prepared with...

Polyurethanes are very often used in the cardiovascular field due to their tunable physicochemical properties and acceptable hemocompatibility although they suffer from poor endothelialization. With this in mind, we proposed the synthesis of a family of degradable segmented poly(urea)urethanes (SPUUs) using amino acids (l-arginine, glycine and...

Company name: Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán
Published On: Monday June 03rd, 2013

Polyurethane-based drug delivery systems

Polyurethanes (PUs) are formed by a reaction between isocyanates and diols to yield polymers with urethane bonds (–NH–COO–) in their main chain. A great variety of building blocks is commercially available that allows the chemical and physical properties of PUs to be tailored to their target applications, particularly for the biomedical and...

Company name: National Chung Cheng University
Published On: Monday June 03rd, 2013

Applying Raman spectroscopy to the assessment of the biodegradation of industrial polyurethanes...

Polyether-based polyurethanes (PBP) are extremely problematic polymers due to their long persistence in the environment. Moreover, the assessment of PBP biodegradation remains biased due to the inability of conventional methods to determine how their diverse subunits are degraded. To improve our knowledge of PBP biodegradation, we used Raman...

Company name: University of Nantes
Published On: Monday June 03rd, 2013

Highly stretchable nanoalginate based polyurethane elastomers

Highly stretchable elastomeric samples based on cationic polyurethane dispersions–sodium alginate nanoparticles (CPUD/SA) were prepared by the solution blending of sodium alginate and aqueous polyurethane dispersions. CPUDs were synthesized by step growth polymerization technique using N-methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) as a source of cationic...

Company name: Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute
Published On: Monday June 03rd, 2013

Reversible Mechanochromism of a Luminescent Elastomer

A novel mechanochromic elastomer was manufactured by doping bis(benzoxazolyl)stibene (BBS) into a thermoplastic polyurethane. Both solution casting and melt compounding approaches were tried with a range of BBS concentrations, and an optimal concentration of 0.5% was selected to investigate the mechanochromic mechanism in detail. When the blend...

Company name: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Published On: Monday June 03rd, 2013

Structure and mechanical properties of new biomass-based nanocomposite: Castor oil-based...

New nanocomposites consisting of a castor oil-based polyurethane matrix filled with acetylated cellulose nanocrystals (ACNs) were developed. The ACN exhibited improved dispersion in tetrahydrofuran as a blending medium, and reduced polarity as compared with unmodified cellulose nanocrystals, resulting in a high loading level of 25 wt% in the...

Company name: Wuhan University of Technology
Published On: Monday June 03rd, 2013

Improving the antifouling property of polysulfone ultrafiltration membrane by incorporation of...

In this paper, isocyanate-treated graphene oxide (iGO), which can be well dispersed in organic solvent, was prepared in a simple manner and showed excellent compatibility with polysulfone (PSF). iGO–PSF ultrafiltration membranes were prepared by the classical phase inversion method. The separation performance and the antifouling property of the...

Company name: Zhejiang University
Published On: Monday June 03rd, 2013


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