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Transtar unveils HydroFlex Plus Primer

Transtar says the Hydroflex Plus Primer is a unique waterborne acrylic urethane primer surfacer designed for a wide range of plastics, including thermoset and thermoplastic substrates. The Hydroflex Plus is designed for use prior to painting and can be applied to hard, soft or flexible plastic, such as SMC, BMC, TPO, polypropylene, PVC, PP/EPDM,...

Company name: Transtar
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Global Polyurethane Dispersions Demand Is Expected to Reach 369.3 Kilo Tons by 2018

The demand for polyurethane dispersions is mainly triggered by growing demand from the coatings and adhesive industry. In the coming years, the new regulations that limit the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) allowed in paints, adhesives, coatings and other such products, is expected to provide potential opportunities for the market to...

Company name: Transparency Market Research
Published On: Tuesday July 16th, 2013

Technogel hopes new product line will grow presence in Pittsburgh

Since selecting Pittsburgh for its North American headquarters in 2010, Technogel has been looking for ways to expand its reach in the U.S. market and bring manufacturing to the region.Using a patented polyurethane gel developed by Bayer Material Science, the Italian manufacturer is one of the world's largest producers of gel. Since moving to...

Company name: Technogel
Published On: Friday July 19th, 2013

President of Tatarstan has opened in Kazan a flexible polyurethane foam facility

President of Tatarstan, R. Minnikhanov, on Monday attended the official opening in Kazan’s Kirov district of a new flexible polyurethane foam production facility owned by the Egida group.The Egida group has operated on the Russian market since 1992, its core business being sales of materials for soft furniture, mattress and leather items...

Company name: Egida group
Published On: Wednesday July 17th, 2013

New Polysafe Arena PUR – Design Trends with Safety Assured

Polyflor has announced the launch of Polysafe Arena PUR, a brand new innovative range of decorative safety flooring. Uniting the worlds of design and function, Arena offers modern, on trend designs with built in sustainable wet slip resistance. This affordable collection comprises of 12 subtle and sophisticated shades in 4 distinct design concepts...

Company name: Polyflor
Published On: Friday July 19th, 2013

SPF Insulation Demand Growth Creating New Investment Opportunities; Principia Forecasts 15% Annual...

Demand for spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation in North America is growing at over 15% per year and is expected to reach over $900 million by 2016. Strong growth, which is creating investment opportunities for industry participants, investors, and entrepreneurs, is being driven not only by the recovery in building and construction, but also...

Company name: Principia Partners
Published On: Wednesday July 17th, 2013

Closed-Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam Maintains Marketplace Freezer At Its Coolest

Those in the restaurant industry know that keeping their food fresh is essential for good business. That is why almost every restaurant has a large cooler or freezer in the back that stores ingredients and produce that linger in a cool state to be readily available as fresh as possible when called upon. But what if that freezer has cracks that let...

Company name: Lycoming Spray Foam
Published On: Sunday July 21st, 2013

Gaco Western Adds IFTI’s DC315 to ICC-ESR 2478

Gaco Western amended its ICC-ESR 2478, adding IFTI's DC315 as an option for ignition and thermal barrier solutions over GacoGreen 052 & 052N open-cell spray foams. The report states that DC315, when applied at 4 wet mils (an amazing 400 square feet per gallon), meets the requirements of an alternative ignition barrier. The report goes on to state...

Company name: Gaco Western
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Ultimate Linings Launches On-Line Parts Ordering System

Ultimate Linings® a leader in the development and application of protective coatings & linings is pleased to announce the launch of their on-line parts ordering system. This system allows users of plural component spray equipment and pumping systems to go on-line, see the actual engineering diagram of the equipment, diagnosis and repair their...

Company name: Ultimate Linings
Published On: Tuesday July 16th, 2013

Audi are launching a new Pirelli tyre which reduces noise by 50% using PU

Pirelli has developed new tyres for the Audi Group that are designed to reduce noise for occupants of the car. This is the latest milestone in the historic technical partnership between the Italian tyre firm and the German car manufacturer.For the first time in fact, the Milan-based firm is supplying “Pirelli Noise Cancelling System” as original...

Company name: Pirelli Tyre
Published On: Wednesday July 17th, 2013

Refrigerator and washing machine volume sales recorded double digit growth in Malaysia

Large home appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators have seen dynamic development in Malaysia in recent years, largely unaffected by the impact of any negative market forces in and outside the country. In the latest GfK retail audit findings, households in Malaysia purchased nearly 205,000 units of refrigerators and 264,000 units of...

Company name: GfK
Published On: Wednesday July 17th, 2013

PPG Announces Executive Appointments

Frank S. Sklarsky, executive vice president, finance, will be appointed executive vice president and chief financial officer, as previously announced, and will continue to serve on PPG’s executive and operating committees. Sklarsky continues to report to Chairman and CEO Charles E. Bunch and to be based at PPG’s global headquarters in...

Company name: PPG Industries
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

BASF to sell German subsidiary for Wall Systems to ROCKWOOL

BASF has signed a contract with ROCKWOOL to sell BASF Wall Systems GmbH & Co. KG. The transaction comprises the German wall systems subsidiary including the Marktredwitz site. Currently, about 200 employees are working for the company who will be transferred to the new owner. The purchase is subject to approval by the relevant authorities and legal...

Company name: BASF
Published On: Saturday July 20th, 2013

PUR to rise by, on average, 4.5% per year says Ceresana

Ceresana, Konstanz, Germany, provides an analysis of the polyurethanes and isocyanates market.Polyurethane (PUR) is a versatile, durable plastic. As forecasts published in the latest of Ceresana's studies show, global demand for PUR will continue to rise during the next couple of years. Important reasons are far-reaching global trends such as...

Company name: Ceresana
Published On: Wednesday July 17th, 2013

Polyurethane based pigment dispersants which contain reactive double bonds

Polymeric urethane dispersants with solubilizing polymer chains and with reactive carbon to carbon double bonds are described. The reactive double bonds facilitate molecular weight build-up of the dispersant on dispersed particles (enhancing colloidal stability) or enhance the ability of the dispersants to be crosslinked into a matrix material.

Company name: Lubrizol Advanced Materials
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

High functionality aromatic polyesters, polyol blends comprising the same and resultant products...

The present invention discloses aromatic polyester polyols suitable for blending with other polyols or other materials mutually compatible with the polyester polyols to achieve polyurethane and polyisocyanurate products. In particular the present invention discloses polyester polyols comprising the reaction of: A) an aromatic component comprising...

Company name: Dow Global Technologies Inc
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Separation method and method for producing isocyanate

Disclosed is a method for separating, with a multi-stage distillation column, a mixture containing an active hydrogen-containing compound (A) and a compound (B) that reversibly reacts with the active hydrogen containing compound (A), the method comprising distillation-separating the active hydrogen-containing compound (A) and the compound (B) with...

Company name: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Process for preparing isocyanates in the gas phase

The invention relates to a process for preparing isocyanates by reacting the corresponding amines with phosgene in the gas phase, in the presence or absence of an inert medium, which comprises the following steps: (a) vaporization of the amine in a vaporizer, (b) superheating of the amine, (c) mixing of the gaseous amine with the phosgene and...

Company name: BASF SE
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Slightly modified prepolymers and their uses

An isocyanate-terminated prepolymer C having an NCO content of from .gtoreq.26% by mass to .ltoreq.31.0% by mass is obtainable from the reaction of an isocyanate composition A having a viscosity at C. of from .gtoreq.60 mPas to .ltoreq.800 mPas, comprising from .gtoreq.25% by mass to .ltoreq.60% by mass MDI and from .gtoreq.40% by mass...

Company name: Bayer Intellectual Property
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Aqueous inkjet inks containing polyurethane binders with components to interact with cellulose

Disclosed are aqueous inkjet inks containing a polyurethane ink additive as a binder. The binder contains a component capable of interacting with cellulose. Certain heterocycles having similar Hansen solubility parameters as cellulose were incorporated into the polyurethane binders. Prints from these inks have better durability and optical...

Company name: E I du Pont de Nemours & Company
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Lignocellulosic materials with lignocellulosic fibers in the outer layers and expanded plastics...

The present invention relates to lignocellulosic materials having a core and two outer layers, comprising in the core A) lignocellulose particles; B) expanded plastics particles having a bulk density in the range from 10 to 150 kg/m.sup.3, and C) one or more binders selected from the group consisting of phe-noplast resin, aminoplast resin, and...

Company name: BASF SE
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Coating of substrates with curable fluorinated copolymers

A process for coating flexible substrates applying a curable fluorinated copolymer A which is the reaction product of FC and M1) at least one polycarboxylic anhydride and/or M2) at least a monofunctional isocyanate, wherein FC is a curable fluorinated copolymer on the basis of FC1) at least one fluorinated olefin having 2 to 10 carbon atoms, FC2)...

Company name: Lanxess AG
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Coating compositions and coatings produced from them with high scratch resistance, weathering...

The invention relates to coating compositions comprising (a) at least one hydroxyl-containing compound (A), (b) at least one saturated compound (B) having free and/or blocked isocyanate groups and containing at least in part hydrolyzable silane groups, and (c) at least one catalyst (D) for the crosslinking of silane groups, wherein the coating...

Company name: BASF Coatings AG
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Radiation curable aqueous composition for low gloss coatings

A radiation curable aqueous coating composition having a gloss of .ltoreq.60 upon drying comprising (A) 10 to 99 wt % of a polyurethane, (B) 1 to 90 wt % of a radiation curable component; (C) 0.1 to 10 wt % of an associative thickener; wherein at least 80 wt % of (A)+(B)+(C) has a particle size greater than 500 nm and wherein the C.dbd.C...

Company name: DSM
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Foamed lightfast polyurethane mouldings

The invention relates to foamed lightfast polyurethane mouldings and to the use thereof.

Company name: Bayer Intellectual Property
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Process for making low density high resiliency flexible polyurethane foam

A process for producing resilient, flexible polyurethane foams that function well in noise and vibration absorption applications for vehicle applications that are made from a blend of polyols (i) and an isocyanate (ii), wherein the blend of polyols (i) comprises a mixture of polyether polyols (i.a) that each has a hydroxyl equivalent weight of from...

Company name: Dow Global Technologies Inc
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Flexible polyurethane foam and process for its production

A process for producing a flexible polyurethane foam, which comprises reacting a polyol mixture with a polyisocyanate compound in the presence of a urethane-forming catalyst and a blowing agent, characterized in that the polyol mixture comprises the following polyol (A) and the polyol (B), and the proportion of the polyisocyanate compound to the...

Company name: Asahi Glass Co Ltd
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Preparing rigid polyurethane foams

The present invention relates to a process for preparing rigid polyurethane foams or rigid polyisocyanurate foams by using certain polyetherester polyols B) based on aromatic dicarboxylic acids, optionally further polyester polyols C), which differ from those of component B), and polyether polyols D), wherein the mass ratio of total components B)...

Company name:
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Medical adhesive patch

A medical adhesive patch, includes: a support film including a barrier layer which contains a water-soluble polymer compound and montmorillonite, and which is laminated on one surface of a support including polyurethane; an adhesive layer which contains a medicine and a plasticizer, and which is laminated on a barrier layer of the support film, the...

Company name: Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Layered film for protecting display panel

The present invention relates to a multi-layered film for protecting display panel. Further, the multi-layered film of present invention comprises i) transparent polyurethane film having 20.about.300 .mu.m of width; ii) low elongation film having 1.about.180% of elongation and 20.about.300 .mu.m of width; and iii) release sheet, wherein said...

Company name:
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Composite structural elements and method of making same

A composite structural element and a method for making same are provided. The element includes a polymer foam core and at least one fibrous layer adhered to the polymer foam core by epoxy. Nano-particles are suspended in the epoxy prior to curing; preferably they are mixed with the hardener before it is mixed with the resin. The polymer foam core...

Company name: Merkel Composite Technologies
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Lignocellulosic products and methods of forming the same

A lignocellulosic product comprises a plurality of lignocellulosic pieces, and an isocyanate component and a processing aid disposed on the pieces. The processing aid is reactive with the isocyanate component, comprises a graft polyol having a continuous and discontinuous phase, and can be used to form a lignocellulosic composite article. The...

Company name: BASF SE
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Multi-layer composite materials comprising a foam layer, corresponding method of production and use...

Multi-layer composite materials comprising a foam layer, corresponding method of production and use thereof. Multilayered composite materials comprising as components: (A) a foam layer where the foam is selected from polystyrene foams, polyurethane foams, polyester foams, butadiene-styrene block copolymer foams, natural sponges and amino resin...

Company name: BASF SE
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Extrusion of polyurethane composite materials

Methods of extruding polyurethane composite materials are described. One method includes introducing at least one polyol and inorganic filler to a first conveying section of the extruder, transferring the at least one polyol and inorganic filler to a first mixing section of an extruder, mixing the at least one polyol and the inorganic filler in the...

Company name: Century-Board USA
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Process for repairing road surfacing systems, in particular for open-pore asphalts

The present invention relates to a process for repairing top layers for roads, tracks, and other areas used by traffic, by applying an amount of at least 20 g/m.sup.2 of a polymeric material to the damaged site, applying an amount of at least 80 g/m.sup.2 of a first polyurethane reaction mixture (which can comprise additives) to the polymeric...

Company name:
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Golf ball manufacturing method

The invention provides a method of manufacturing golf balls having a core and least one cover layer which involves injecting a molten cover resin material around a core so as to form a cover layer. The cover resin material is a single resin composition made up of (A) a thermoplastic polyurethane, (B) a polyisocyanate compound and (C) a...

Company name: Bridgestone Sports
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Shoe with conforming upper

The invention comprises articles of footwear that have a conforming upper to provide comfort and support to the wearer. The upper portion may comprise a cushioning layer of polyurethane foam or other materials having similar characteristics. In addition to the cushioning layer, the shoe upper is also composed of a fabric layer. In preferred...

Company name: Aetrex Worldwide
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Methods for making polyurea polymer and products prepared therefrom

Methods for making polyurea polymer compositions are provided. The methods involve preparing an amine-terminated first prepolymer by reacting isocyanate compound A with a stoichiometric excess of polyamine. The first prepolymer is reacted with a stoichiometric excess of isocyanate compound B to form an isocyanate-terminated second prepolymer. The...

Company name: Acushnet Company
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Highly fluorescent markers for fluids or articles

The present invention provides highly fluorescent markers, made from a reactive polymer and an isocyanate, that fluoresce in the ultraviolet or near infrared region without being visible to the human eye at low concentrations in the fluid or article being marked. The molecular weight and fluorescence emission wavelength of these highly fluorescent...

Company name: Bayer MaterialScience LLC
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Method for the production of a breathable multilayer synthetic leather, and breathable multilayer...

A method for the production of a breathable multilayer synthetic leather with a backing layer of a textile sheet, at least one intermediate layer applied to the backing layer and based on an at least to some extent open-cell whipped polyurethane foam and, applied full-surface to the at least one intermediate layer, an outer layer based on a...

Company name: Konrad Hornschuch
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Hexamethoxycyclotriphosphazene as a flame retardant for polyurethane foams

Polyurethane (PU) foams were protected by phosphorous and nitrogen-based molecular flame retardant hexamethoxycyclotriphosphazene c-[N = P(OMe)2]3 (HMCPT). This compound was synthesized, analyzed, and investigated with respect to its thermal behavior, compatibility, and efficiency as a flame retardant (FR) for PU foams. The...

Company name: Technische Universitat Darmstadt
Published On: Tuesday July 23rd, 2013

Halogen Free flame retardant rigid polyurethane foam with a novel phosphorus-nitrogen intumescent...

A novel phosphorous-nitrogen containing intumescent flame retardant, toluidine spirocyclic pentaerythritol bisphosphonate (TSPB), was synthesized and characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). Flame retardant rigid polyurethane foams (TSPB-RPUF) were prepared by using TSPB. The flame...

Company name: North University of China
Published On: Tuesday July 23rd, 2013

Thermophysical properties of polyurethane foams and their melts

The thermal conductivity (λ) and the specific heat (cp) of seven polyurethane foam formulations and their melts are obtained using a transient plane source technique called the Hot Disk experiment. In the experiment, the Hot Disk sensor is sandwiched by the samples and acts as both a heat source and a temperature sensor. The fundamental...

Company name: University of Canterbury
Published On: Monday July 22nd, 2013

Synthesis and characterization of elastomeric polyurethane and PU/clay nanocomposites based on an...

This investigation reports preparation of polyurethane and polyurethane/clay nanocomposites based on polyethylene glycol, isophorone diisocyanate (IPDI), an aliphatic diisocyanate and 1,4- Butanediol as chain extender by solution polymerization. In this case PU/clay nanocomposites were prepared via ex-situ method using 1, 3, and 5 wt % of Cloisite...

Company name: Indian Institute of Technology
Published On: Tuesday July 23rd, 2013

Polyurethanes from Isosorbide‐Based Diisocyanates

Benign building blocks: Stereochemically pure diisocyanates were prepared on a multigram scale from succinic anhydride and isosorbide or isomannide. Characterization of polyurethanes that were produced from these diisocyanates revealed low polydispersity, high thermal stability, and stereochemistry-dependent morphology. If biobased succinic...

Company name: Iowa State University
Published On: Tuesday July 23rd, 2013


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