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Wetting additive exhibits universal properties

A new wetting and anti-cratering additive is suitable for waterborne wood coatings, industrial coatings and printing inks.Evonik Industries has presented "Tego Twin 4200", a product which does not stabilize foam, providing a more simplified processing during the paint manufacturing.Product reduces surface tensionEnhanced reduction of surface...

Company name: Evonik Industries Coating Additives
Published On: Wednesday April 30th, 2014

DuPont Fluorochemicals Announces Production Plans to Support the Introduction of a New Formacel Foam...

DuPont Fluorochemicals announced significant progress in delivering a new foam expansion solution based on hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) technology, which is said to offer a breakthrough reduction in global warming potential (GWP) as well as energy efficiency benefits.DuPont says it has established firm plans to start-up small-scale production in 2014 of...

Company name: DuPont
Published On: Tuesday April 29th, 2014

Amyris to begin selling Biofene online

Amyris, Inc. announced that it has begun selling Biofene, its brand of farnesene, a long-chain branched hydrocarbon, online at By making initial quantities of its building block molecule available to a broader audience, Amyris says it seeks to expand Biofene's use beyond the commercial applications the company and its partners are...

Company name: Amyris
Published On: Tuesday April 29th, 2014

The high-stakes challenge of capturing carbon dioxide

It is clear that no longer can we continue to spew carbon dioxide recklessly into the atmosphere; and it is also clear that eventually we will run out of fossil fuels. So, how about killing two birds with one stone? (Only figuratively, of course.) The challenge consists of capturing the carbon dioxide formed in combustion processes before it is...

Company name: McGill University
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

BASF presents innovations at interpack 2014

At the interpack trade fair from May 8 to May 14, BASF is going to present its comprehensive range of packaging raw materials. At stand B43 in hall 10, BASF experts are going to showcase manifold and innovative products that enable customers to develop more sustainable solutions. New system solutions for compostable packagingAmong other things,...

Company name: BASF
Published On: Tuesday April 29th, 2014

Foam Rubber vs. Sponge Rubber: Elasto Proxy Announces E-Book That Explains Differences in Production...

Elasto Proxy, a leading supplier of specialized industrial rubber products, is announcing a new technical guide about the differences between sponge and foam rubber. Compound Selection: Blended Materials and Distinctive Polymers is free to download and available in PDF format.Technical buyers and seal designers can use this new technical resource...

Company name: Elasto Proxy
Published On: Tuesday April 29th, 2014

Lapolla Industries' AirTight Division Launches Energy Savings Program For Multi-Family Residential...

Lapolla Industires, Inc., a Houston-based global supplier and manufacturer of spray polyurethane foam insulation, reflective roof coatings, and equipment designed to reduce energy consumption in the residential, industrial and commercial markets for both new construction and retrofit applications, today announced the launch of its AirTight...

Company name: LaPolla Industries
Published On: Tuesday April 29th, 2014

SAPICI, Liberty Chemicals and Galactic Jointly Develop New Formulations of Water-based Paints for...

SAPICI, Liberty Chemicals and Galactic announce the initial results of their cooperation aimed at developing new formulations for wood coating characterized by high environmental compatibility. The new proposals enhance the production process sustainability and the final products life-cycle by an improved application duration. The performances of...

Company name: Sapici
Published On: Wednesday April 30th, 2014

Bostik Takes Safety To New Level With Three All New STR Series Products

In an effort to serve the needs of their customers with the most aggressive budgets and whose application may not require the advanced performance of the Industrial Special Range (ISR) line, Bostik chemists have engineered the STR Series of adhesives. The result is an all new product family for RV, trailer and general industrial manufacturers.The...

Company name: Bostik
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

LARIPUR -18 and -18B series: the right choice for high quality footwear

The footwear industry is facing today new challenges, driven by the fact that the end consumers are more and more looking for high quality products. This forces the manufacturers to seek innovative solutions in different fields: design, industrialization and selection of high performances raw materials.COIM's TPU belonging to LARIPUR -18 and -18B...

Company name: The Coim Group
Published On: Wednesday April 30th, 2014

KraussMaffei Group driving growth in China

During the recent Chinaplas 2014 event in Shanghai, China, the KraussMaffei Group has officially inaugurated the second production hall at its manufacturing plant in Haiyan, China. Around 400 of its customers and business partners attended this event.As part of the expansion of the plant, the production space has been doubled and now covers 22,000...

Company name: KraussMaffei
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

OSV M10 3K in operation - New video available

A new video, that demonstrates in operation the mixing and dosing machine OSV M10 3K for casting of polyurethane products based on MDI.All works concerning design, manufacturing and launching of this equipment were realized at our factory.

Company name: OSV Technologiya
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Spray Foam Specialist Puts Customers First

"My focus is taking care of my customers." That is what Tom Porter, owner and operator of Geo-Insulation, thinks is the most important characteristic for his successful spray foam business to remain prominent and surge forward."I prefer to work directly with the customer," said Porter. "The whole intent of owning an insulation company was to be...

Company name: Geo-Insulation
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Polyurethane to ripen cheeses

Ripening cheeses at almost zero energy: this is now possible thanks to polyurethane, one of the insulating materials found to be most suitable for this purpose. Good quality ripened cheese is often considered synonymous with tradition and respect for the environment. But do we really know how much energy is "gobbled up" by the industrialised...

Company name: Macplas
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

5 reasons why PIR rigid board insulation is one of the best on the market

Composite Global Solutions explains why PIR rigid board insulation is one of the best insulation products on the market.As one of Australia's fastest growing insulation suppliers, the company seeks to clear the confusion among customers about insulation solutions that best suit their needs. One of the most popular among all of their insulation...

Company name: Composite Global Solutions
Published On: Monday May 05th, 2014

New, Eco-Friendly, Composite Structural Insulated Sheathing from CPBS

Composite Panel Building Systems (CPBS) announces the launch of a new, eco-friendly, fully composite sheathing for new construction and retrofitted homes and apartments.The Composite Structural Insulated Sheathing (C-SIS) is the most energy efficient sheathing in the industry using cutting-edge building technology that dramatically improves...

Company name: Composite Panel Building Systems
Published On: Wednesday April 30th, 2014

Autoneum : expands heatshield portfolio

Autoneum is expanding its range of lightweight and multifunctional heatshields. Its aluminum heatshields, which are based on RIMIC technology, now provide also effective protection against high-frequency sounds by combining them with a sound absorber developed by Autoneum, too.In the automobile production, heatshields are primarily used to reflect...

Company name: Autoneum
Published On: Wednesday April 30th, 2014

Polyurethane helps auto industry meet lightweighting goals

The Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), established a goal that model year 2025 vehicles will attain an average of around 50 miles per gallon (mpg). This is an approximate 40% increase in fuel efficiency over current levels. Auto...

Company name: the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Innovation, fashion on display at record-breaking ISPA EXPO

When we think of ISPA EXPO, we think of mattress manufacturing machinery, and there was plenty of that at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, March 26-29. In fact, the magazine's July cover story will provide full details on machinery introductions and updates at this year's show, so don't miss it.But more so than ever, ISPA EXPO 2014 was...

Company name: BedTimes Magazine
Published On: Wednesday April 30th, 2014

Caster Concepts Acquires Modern Suspension Systems Caster Line

Caster Concepts, Inc., manufacturer of heavy duty industrial casters and wheels, has acquired the assets of Modern Suspension Systems of Rockford, IL. President William H. Dobbins stated, "This is an exciting opportunity for Caster Concepts to acquire Modern Suspension Systems, an innovator in shock isolation and shock absorption casters. Modern...

Company name: Caster Concepts
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Godrej & Boyce buys Somany Foam's PU foam business

Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Ltd, a part of the diversified business conglomerate Godrej Group, has completed the acquisition of polyurethane (PU) foam business of Somany Foam Limited for an undisclosed amount, according to a statement.Somany Foam Limited is owned by the promoters of Hindusthan National Glass Industries Limited, which is...

Company name: Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing
Published On: Monday May 05th, 2014

Stratasys Acquires Solid Concepts & Harvest Technologies

California-based Solid Concepts has been providing additive manufacturing solutions since 1991. The company was created to provide rapid prototyping and production solutions for customers. Therefore, it also offers many different forms of custom manufacturing techniques for customers to choose the best method for their needs. For instance, it...

Company name: Solid Concepts Inc
Published On: Monday May 05th, 2014

ICL Performance Products Acquires Auxquimia S.A.

ICL Performance Products (ICL PP), a segment of ICL, a global manufacturer of products based on unique minerals that fulfill humanity's essential needs in the agriculture, food and engineered materials markets, today announced that it acquired Auxquimia S.A., a Spanish company that produces firefighting foams and fire extinguisher additives. The...

Company name: ICL Performance Products
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Argotec Acquires TPU Film Producer Stevens Urethane

Argotec, LLC, of Greenfield, Massachusetts USA, a leading producer of high performance thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film and sheet for the international specialty films industry, today announced that the company had acquired Stevens Urethane, of Easthampton, Massachusetts. The purchase of the company is effective May 1, 2014.Argotec president...

Company name: Argotec
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

China Becomes The World's Biggest PU Product Maker

The China Polyurethane Industry Association (CPUIA) recently stated that the country has become the world's biggest PU product maker.According to the CPUIA, China accounted for over 40 percent of the global volume in 2013, manufacturing 8.7 million metric tons of PU products, up 12 percent from 2012.There was significant growth in the insulation...

Company name: The China Polyurethane Industry Association
Published On: Wednesday April 30th, 2014

ALTANA Group Significantly Expands Presence in China

ALTANA, the specialty chemicals group based in Wesel, Germany, is significantly expanding its presence in China. In April, the ACTEGA division opened a new laboratory building for coatings and sealants at its production site in Foshan. ELANTAS commissioned a new plant for wire enamels in Tongling. And BYK signed a contract for the purchase of a...

Company name: Altana Electrical Insulation
Published On: Wednesday April 30th, 2014

Huntsman Swings to Profit on Polyurethanes Revenue Growth

Huntsman Corp reported a bigger-than-expected quarterly profit, helped by robust demand for its chemicals used in foam insulation, agriculture, energy and additives.Revenue from the polyurethane business, which makes chemicals used to insulate refrigerators and other appliances, rose 2 percent to $1.2 billion in the first quarter. The business...

Company name: Huntsman Corporation
Published On: Wednesday April 30th, 2014

Bayer Said to Weigh Plastics Unit Sale Amid Health Focus

Bayer AG's possible sale of its $10 billion plastics unit would accelerate a retreat from chemicals that the maker of Aspirin initiated a decade ago, leaving it focused on the more lucrative life-science industry.The German company is reviewing options for Bayer Material Science after chemicals company Evonik Industries AG (EVK) showed potential...

Company name: Bayer MaterialScience
Published On: Tuesday April 29th, 2014

Icynene Asia-Pacific broadens regional reach with new management and new distributor

Global spray foam manufacturer, Icynene is pleased to announce the expansion of its Tokyo-based Asia-Pacific operations as it welcomes a new management team and a new Mongolian distributor, Noyonkhurd LLC.Eric De Groot joins Icynene Asia-Pacific as President and is joined by Keishi Noro as Sales and Marketing Manager for the region. Both Mr. De...

Company name: Icynene
Published On: Wednesday April 30th, 2014

Adducts as tougheners in thermosettable epoxy systems

A liquid adduct consisting essentially of a reaction product of (a) an aliphatic epoxy resin, and (b) an isocyanate compound, wherein the viscosity of the adduct comprises less than about 60 Pa-s at about C. is disclosed. The adduct can be used in an epoxy resin composition.

Company name: Dow Global Technologies
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Catalysts for polyurethane coating compounds

The present invention relates to coating compositions for polyurethane coating materials that feature new catalysts.

Company name: BASF SE
Published On: Saturday May 03rd, 2014

Hydroxyl-terminated thiocarbonate containing compounds, polymers, and copolymers, and polyurethanes...

Thiocarbonate compounds are reacted with various polyols to introduce hydroxyl end groups thereto which can be subsequently reacted with urethane forming compounds to form various polyurethanes including block copolymers thereof.

Company name: Lubrizol Advanced Materials
Published On: Saturday May 03rd, 2014

Polyurethane resin, toner for developing electrostatic charge image, electrostatic charge image...

A polyurethane resin which is an addition polymer, includes an isocyanate compound containing at least a compound having two or more isocyanate groups; and an alcohol compound containing rosin diol represented by Formula (1): ##STR00001## wherein in Formula (1), R.sup.1 and R.sup.2 represent a hydrogen atom or a methyl group, L.sup.1, L.sup.2, and...

Company name: Fuji Xerox
Published On: Saturday May 03rd, 2014

Polyurethane polymers

The present invention relates to polyurethane polymers, a process for their preparation and their use as binders for adhesives, coatings or foams.

Company name: Bayer Intellectual Property
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Etch resistant clearcoat

A crosslinked coating composition formed from polyurethane polyols and blocked or unblocked polyisocyanates. The polyisocyanates, in particular, comprise at least bis(isocyanatomethyl)cyclohexane. The coating is substantially free from ester functionality that forms a contiguous part of the network backbone. A clearcoat formed from the described...

Company name: Axalta Coating Systems
Published On: Saturday May 03rd, 2014

Low-staining room temperature curable coating composition

The present invention provides a low-staining room temperature curable coating composition having an excellent low-staining property and recoatability, and comprising (A) a hydroxyl-containing resin, (B) an isocyanate based curing agent, (C) an organosilicate based hydrophilizing agent, (D) a recoatability modifier and (E) an organic solvent, in...

Company name: Daikin Industries
Published On: Saturday May 03rd, 2014

Radiation-curable polyurethane dispersions

Curable aqueous polyurethane polymer dispersions are described. The dispersion comprises a polyurethane copolymer having pendant (meth)acrylate groups and pendant carboxylic groups along the main chain and a tertiary aminofunctional unsaturated monomer that has reacted in an acid/base reaction with the carboxylic acid groups on the main chain. The...

Company name: Bayer MaterialScience
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Processes for coating substrates and substrates formed therefrom

Processes for coating substrates and the related substrates are disclosed herein. A one-component base coating composition is applied onto a substrate and a one-component top coating composition is applied wet-on-wet onto the applied base coating composition. The coating compositions are based on aqueous acrylate/polyurethane dispersions. The top...

Company name: Bayer MaterialScience
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Stabilised prostaglandin composition

A pharmaceutical delivery device, such as a suppository or pessary, comprises a synthetic prostaglandin PGE.sub.1 analogue (e.g. misoprostol) in a solid polyurethane hydrogel.

Company name: Ferring
Published On: Saturday May 03rd, 2014

Gel seal for a surgical trocar apparatus

A seal assembly for use with an access device during a surgical procedure includes a housing having a passageway therethrough dimensioned to permit passage of a surgical instrument and being adapted for mounting to a trocar device, and a seal comprising a gel material and being mounted to the housing across the passageway. The seal includes inner...

Company name: Covidien
Published On: Saturday May 03rd, 2014

Skin cosmetic

A skin cosmetic which exerts a feeling of ameliorating effect on skin wrinkles and sagging by application, and is free from uncomfortable feelings in use, such as stickiness, twisting of the cosmetic applied on the skin, and squeakiness. The cosmetic comprises an aqueous liquid of an anionic or amphoteric urethane resin dissolved or dispersed in...

Company name: Shiseido
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Cosmetic/dermatological compositions comprising naphthoic acid compounds and polyurethane polymers

Cosmetic/dermatological compositions for topical application and useful for the treatment, e.g., of acne, contain, formulated into a physiologically acceptable medium, at least one naphthoic acid compound and at least one polyurethane polymer or derivative thereof, the at least one naphthoic acid compound being dispersed therein.

Company name: Galderma Research & Development
Published On: Saturday May 03rd, 2014

Flexible polyurethane foam and method of producing same

A flexible polyurethane foam comprises the reaction product of an isocyanate component and an isocyanate-reactive component in the presence of a blowing agent. The isocyanate component comprises a polymeric diphenylmethane diisocyanate component and a monomeric diphenylmethane diisocyanate component. The monomeric diphenylmethane diisocyanate...

Company name: BASF SE
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Thermally stable flame resistant flexible polyurethane foam

The present invention relates to a reactive formulation used to make a flame resistant flexible polyurethane foam which is particularly suited for use in under the hood vehicle applications which require sound deadening and vibration management and a process to make said foam. Said foam is particularly suitable for such applications because...

Company name: Dow Global Technologies Inc
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Isocyanate-based polymer foam with improved thermal insulation properties

This invention relates to rigid isocyanate-based polymer foam comprising a carbon black component comprising at least 50 weight percent of a fluorinated carbon black. Said foam having improved thermal properties, specifically, rigid polyurethane and/or polyisocyanurate foams for use in insulation applications.

Company name: Dow Global Technologies
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Coating composition for chromium thin film

The object of the present invention is to provide a coating composition which can provide a coating film having excellent adhesion to a chromium thin film under various conditions, and sufficient scratch resistance, and the present invention provides a coating composition for a chromium thin film formed on a substrate, wherein the coating...

Company name: Fujikura Kasei
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Wash Durable Cold Apply Adhesive for Apparel Labeling and Embellishment

A pressure sensitive adhesive composition, comprising a first acrylic resin having from 1% to 10% by weight of an ethylenically unsaturated monomer having a hydroxy substituent; a second acrylic resin having from 1% to 10% by weight of an ethylenically unsaturated monomer having an acidic carboxyl group; a polyisocyanate crosslinking agent; and a...

Company name: Avery Dennison
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition for optical films, pressure-sensitive adhesive optical film...

There is provided a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition for optical films. The composition can form a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer that can prevent light leakage caused by stress associated with dimensional change of a component such as an optical film, which include the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer that has reworkability such that it...

Company name: Nitto Denko Corporation
Published On: Saturday May 03rd, 2014

Method for producing a flexible composite elastomeric polyurethane skin

The present invention relates to a method for producing a flexible elastomeric composite polyurethane skin wherein a polyurethane reaction mixture is sprayed onto a mold surface and the polyurethane reaction mixture is allowed to cure to produce the skin layer. The polyurethane reaction mixture is composed of components comprising at least an...

Company name: Recticel Automobilsysteme
Published On: Saturday May 03rd, 2014

Composite materials comprising aggregate and an elastomeric composition

A composite material comprises aggregate and an elastomeric composition. The elastomeric composition comprises the reaction product of an isocyanate component and an isocyanate-reactive component. The isocyanate component comprises a polymeric isocyanate, and optionally, an isocyanate-prepolymer. The isocyanate-reactive component comprises a...

Company name: BASF SE
Published On: Saturday May 03rd, 2014

Method and apparatus for feeding a polyurethane mixture into hollow bodies

A method and apparatus for feeding a polyurethane mixture suitable to form a thermally insulating layer inside hollow bodies, such as hollow walls of a refrigerator cabinet, freezer, display counter or insulating panel. A polyurethane mixture resulting from chemically reactive components, supplied by a high-pressure mixing device, is injected into...

Company name: Afros
Published On: Saturday May 03rd, 2014

Soft and conditionable chemical mechanical polishing pad

A chemical mechanical polishing pad for polishing a substrate selected from at least one of a magnetic substrate, an optical substrate and a semiconductor substrate is provided containing a polishing layer, wherein the polishing layer comprises the reaction product of raw material ingredients, including: a polyfunctional isocyanate; and, a curative...

Company name: Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Method of Manufacturing a Fabric-Laminated Foam Article

A method for the manufacture of a fabric laminated foam article comprising the steps of: providing a foam composition comprising at least one polyol, at least one isocyanate and at least one catalyst to a mould assembly; obtaining a foam formed from the foam composition from the mould assembly after a first pre-determined period of time; contacting...

Company name: MAS Research & Innovation
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Enhanced impact absorption strips for protective head gear

An integrated impact energy absorption system application for enhanced safety performance of sports related protective head gear. A multiplicity of pattern positioned energy shock absorption impact strips of high performance dual elastomeric polyurethane resin of the invention are selectively secured in a pattern orientation on a sports helmet to...

Company name: SK Adventures
Published On: Saturday May 03rd, 2014

Grip for sporting equipment, method of using a grip for sporting equipment, and method of forming a...

A grip for a piece of sporting equipment has a unitary body formed from a relatively flexible material. The grip includes a pair of gripping surfaces comprising a plurality of slots for receiving a users fingers. The gripping surfaces are offset to ensure that the user properly grips the piece of sporting equipment to maximize power and control of...

Company name: The Hit Syndicate
Published On: Saturday May 03rd, 2014

Method of placing rubber and polyurethane liner in pipe

A liner includes a rubber liner portion, and a polyurethane liner portion disposed on a surface of the rubber liner portion. The rubber polyurethane liner can be applied to cover surfaces of process support elements used to transport or handle process material such as tar sand slurry. The rubber polyurethane liner increases the effectiveness and...

Company name: Irathane Systems
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Material for shoe upper

Described are materials for a shoe upper, in particular for soccer shoes, with a particularly low weight. The material includes an inner polyurethane layer, an outer polyurethane layer, and a textile reinforcing layer. The textile reinforcing layer is arranged between the inner polyurethane layer and the outer polyurethane layer. The inner...

Company name: Taylor Made Golf Company
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Vapor phase decarbonylation process

A process is provided for the synthesis of furan and related compounds by vapor-phase decarbonylation of furfural and derivatives, using a palladium/metal aluminate catalyst. The use of such catalysts, which are inherently less acidic than alumina, results in improved lifetime and high productivity. The compounds so produced can be used as starting...

Company name: E I du Pont de Nemours & Company
Published On: Saturday May 03rd, 2014

Polyureas made from aminocrotonates and enaminones

A polymer made by reacting a polyisocyanate with a compound having the formula below. R.sup.1 is an organic group. R.sup.2 is an aliphatic group or oxyaliphatic group. R.sup.3 is an aliphatic group. The reaction forms urea groups from the isocyanate groups of the polyisocyanate and the NH groups of the compound. ##STR00001##

Company name: United States Govemment, as represented by the Secretary of the Navy
Published On: Saturday May 03rd, 2014

Carbodiimides from trisubstituted aromatic isocyanates, a method for producing same, and the use of...

The invention relates to innovative carbodiimides, to a process for preparing them and to the use thereof as stabilizer, crosslinker and/or compatibilizer in thermoplastics, ester-based polyols for polyurethane applications, in rigid foam, in flexible foam or, for example, in CASE (Coatings Adhesives Sealants Elastomers) applications.

Company name: Rhein Chemie
Published On: Friday May 02nd, 2014

Thermo-mechanical properties and microstructural considerations of MDI isocyanate-based bituminous...

Stable bituminous foams have been obtained by using a 35/50 penetration grade bitumen and a reactive prepolymer (MDI-PPG) synthesized by the reaction of polymeric 4,4′-diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI) with a low molecular weight polypropylene glycol (PPG). In a first step, MDI-PPG and bitumen were allowed to react for up to 7 days. Foams...

Company name: Universidad de Huelva
Published On: Monday May 05th, 2014

Optical and mechanical properties of transparent acrylic based polyurethane nano Silica composite...

The aim of this work is to investigate the effect of two types of nano Silica (precipitated and fumed) with various concentrations on the optical and mechanical properties of transparent polyurethane acrylic based nano composite coatings. Transparency, gloss, UV absorption, adhesion strength and impact resistance of the samples have been measured....

Company name: Isfahan University of Technology
Published On: Monday May 05th, 2014

Synthesis and characterization of isocyanate-functionalized hyperbranched polyurethane and its...

In the study, isocyanate-functionalized hyperbranched polyurethane (HPU[BOND]NCO) with a degree of branch of 35.2% was synthesized via an A2 + B3 method. This novel HPU[BOND]NCO was used to fabricate a blend system with hydroxyl groups bearing benzoxazine precursor (BZ[BOND]OH) to investigate its effective on the thermal properties of...

Company name: Jiaotong University
Published On: Monday May 05th, 2014

Recycling of waste poly(ethylene terephthalate) into flame-retardant rigid polyurethane foams

Waste poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) textiles were effectively chemical recycling into flame-retardant rigid polyurethane foams (PUFs). The PET textile wastes were glycolytically depolymerized to bis(2-hydroxyethyl) terephthalate (BHET) by excess ethylene glycol as depolymerizing agent and zinc acetate dihydrate as catalyst. The PUFs were...

Company name: Jiangnan University
Published On: Monday May 05th, 2014


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