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TEGO Dispers 690 - Especially for Food Packaging: Dispersant for Solventborne Pigment Dispersions

TEGO Dispers 690 is designed specifically for solventborne printing inks used in food packaging. The ingredients contained in this wetting and dispersing additive are completely compliant with the A list of Swiss Ordinance SR 817.023.21, Annex 6.By using TEGO Dispers 690 in solventborne, PU-containing or binder-free pigment dispersions, high...

Company name: Evonik Tego Chemie
Published On: Monday November 17th, 2014

FireAway: Efra Newsletter, October 2014 issue now available.

The European Flame Retardants Association (EFRA) brings together and represents the leading organisations which manufacture, market or use flame retardants in Europe. The industry's advocacy activities also are the responsibility of EFRA since the dissolution and EFRA's integration of EBFRIP (the Brominated Flame Retardants Association) in early...

Company name: the European Flame Retardants Association
Published On: Tuesday November 11th, 2014

Researchers Identified Flame Retardant, TCEP in Americans for the First Time

A new peer-reviewed study found that people are contaminated with several toxic flame retardants rarely studied in the US, including one that has never before been detected in Americans called TCEP. Scientists tested urine samples of California residents for biomarkers of six chemicals, all of which were present.The scientists discovered a way to...

Company name: Silent Spring Institute
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Dorf Ketal Specialty Catalysts and Additys Announce Distributor Relationship

Dorf Ketal Speciality Catalysts LLC announces the appointment of ADDITYS sprl as a distributor of Clearlink and Unilink chain extenders and catalysts for polyurea and polyurethane in Europe (with the exception of the UK). ADDITYS, a Belgium-based company, is composed of experienced staff with 20+ years of experience in the industry, entirely...

Company name: Dorf Ketal Chemicals
Published On: Friday November 14th, 2014

New Global Polyether Polyols Market Research Report available from

Polyether Polyols can be segmented by Geographies, Companies, Ingredients, Applications and Submarkets. Geographies of this market are Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of World. Companies of this market are Dow Chemical, Bayer MaterialScience, BASF SE (Parent), Shell Chemicals Ltd, Huntsman Corporation, Carpenter Chemical, PERSTORP AB,...

Company name: Report Buyer
Published On: Friday November 14th, 2014

Coatings binders: Polyester polyol shows good hydrolytic stability

A new liquid, easy to use polyester polyol exhibits good hydrolytic stability and high elongation for PU adhesives and coatings.Conventional adipate polyols are often used in PU adhesives and coatings but their poor hydrolytic stability limits their use in durable application windows. Croda Coatings & Polymers introduces Priplast 1901, a liquid and...

Company name: Croda Coatings & Polymers
Published On: Monday November 17th, 2014

Global MDI Market and China Hydrogenated MDI 2014 Industry Analysis and 2019 Forecasts in New... adds 2014 Deep Research Report on Global MDI Industry and 2014 Deep Research Report on Global and China Hydrogenated MDI Industry to the chemicals segment of its online business intelligence and data library.The 2014 Deep Research Report on Global MDI Industry is a professional and depth research report on Global MDI...

Company name: Deep Research Report
Published On: Friday November 14th, 2014

Evonik expands its DYNACOLL product range; - biobased and flame-retardant polyesters developed

Sustainable solutions for the adhesives and sealants market. As the first company Evonik Industries launched a modular system of bio-based polyester polyols for reactive hotmelt adhesives, under the name DYNACOLL Terra. These are the "green" alternatives to the petrochemical polyols, and also expand the property spectrum of the existing product...

Company name: Evonik Industries
Published On: Tuesday November 11th, 2014

Eurofoam develops the first hybrid foam

This novel and innovative high-tech foam is a combination of a tried-and-tested foam and a liquid developed especially for this unique manufacturing process. During the chemical process the liquid components are modified, becoming highly elastic particles - the multi-functional Yogadrops .The end result, HybridPUR Yogadrops , is a balanced...

Company name: Eurofoam
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Emecole expands high pressure injection materials with addition of two polyurethane foams

Emecole has added two new polyurethane foams to our lineup of high pressure injection materials for repairing poured foundation cracks. Both Emecole 95 and Emecole 1195 are low viscosity hydrophobic polyurethanes that expand up to 25 times their initial volume. Their high expansion rate and non-shrinking characteristics make them ideal for...

Company name: Emecole
Published On: Monday November 17th, 2014

Quality Non-slip Coatings from A&I Coatings

A&I Coatings, one of the top companies in Australia that provide coatings for niche markets, now offers quality non-slip coatings. This offering is part of the company's commitment to provide their clients with products and solutions that don't only improve aesthetics, but also promote safety.The Science Behind Slip and The Company's SolutionA&I...

Company name: A & I Coatings
Published On: Tuesday November 11th, 2014

Hexcel Invests in New R&T Facility and Capacity Expansions at Duxford, UK

A ceremony was held at Hexcel's Duxford, UK site today to celebrate the ground-breaking for a new £6 million R&T facility and additional investments for capacity expansions at the site. These investments will add up to 100 jobs to the Duxford workforce by 2017. Today's ceremony was attended by Vince Cable, UK Secretary of State for Business,...

Company name: Hexcel Composites
Published On: Friday November 14th, 2014

Successful Poliuretano Open House in Mexico

More than 100 customers from Mexico accepted the invitation to attend the "Poliuretano Open House" of the Reaction Process Machinery Segment of KraussMaffei in Queretaro (Mexico) on October 29, 2014. During this event KraussMaffei presented a live demonstration of an EcoStar 16/16 mixing and metering machine. Another highlight of this event was the...

Company name: KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH
Published On: Monday November 17th, 2014

PU Foaming Uflex bandage snaps around a wound and inflates to stop bleeding

A pair of French product designers have created an inflatable bandage that snaps around the wrist like a slap bracelet so it can be self-administered with only one hand.Uflex is an all-in-one self-inflating compress and gauze for an emergency situation in which the user finds themselves injured and alone, and must apply and maintain pressure to the...

Company name:
Published On: Wednesday November 12th, 2014

Oz Seals introduces rotary oil seal profiles into custom sealing range

The new profiles - BP3C, BP3DC, BPHPA and BPHPB - suit rotary applications for any industry and can be designed for speeds of up to 10m/s and up to 100 bar pressure. The new rotary seals have a broad application range in food, beverage and drug, underground mining, drill rigs, air motors, mixers, pumps, engines, hydraulic pumps and boats.Oz Seals...

Company name: Oz Seals
Published On: Wednesday November 12th, 2014

US firms move footwear factories to Vietnam ahead of Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

The free trade agreement being negotiated between the US and 11 other pacific nations will bring a lot of business to Vietnam's footwear industry, experts said during a conference in Ho Chi Minh City on Monday.Opportunities to expand Vietnam's footwear industry will be huge, especially after the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement...

Company name:
Published On: Tuesday November 11th, 2014

Dow Hit With $1.1 Billion Price-Fixing Conviction

Dow Chemical says it will appeal a $1.1 billion polyurethane raw material price-fixing conviction to the U.S. Supreme Court after an appeals court refused to rehear the case.The U.S. Court of Appeals in Denver rejected Dow's appeal of the class-action suit at the end of September, but Dow asked for a rehearing. Dow argued that its conviction...

Company name: The Dow Chemical Company
Published On: Monday November 17th, 2014

Dow Announces Sale of ANGUS Chemical Co.

The Dow Chemical Co. has signed a definitive agreement to sell ANGUS Chemical Co. (ANGUS) to Golden Gate Capital for $1.215 billion. The transaction is expected to close during the first quarter of 2015, subject to completion of customary regulatory filings.Dow had previously announced its intent to divest this business on October 2, 2014. The...

Company name: The Dow Chemical Company
Published On: Monday November 17th, 2014

Michelin announces new Upstate Tweel plant

Michelin's newest Upstate manufacturing facility will open Nov. 20, the company announced Thursday.The plant on Griffin Road in Piedmont is the world's first facility of its kind. It will manufacture the Tweel, Michelin's airless radial tire.The Tweel plant will be Michelin's sixteenth in the United States and tenth in South Carolina.Headquartered...

Company name: Michelin
Published On: Friday November 14th, 2014

US Dow reorganises reporting segments along chemical chains

Dow is reorganising its external reporting segments to align businesses within their chemical chains to more effectively allocate resources to their end-markets, executives said on Wednesday."These are alignments that really complete the integration value chain reporting and accountability in the company," CEO Andrew Liveris said during a press...

Company name: The Dow Chemical Company
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Hong Kong court rules against Pioneer Tech Enterprise in BDO trade secret suit

A Hong Kong Court recently entered judgment in favor of butanediol (BDO) producer and licensor INVISTA in a trade secret lawsuit against Pioneer Tech Enterprise. The Court's ruling permanently prohibits Pioneer from making any use of INVISTA's trade secrets-including submitting any bids or other documents reflecting the trade secrets-and awards...

Company name: Invista
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Adding ecological and economic value

RAMPF has received ISO 50001 certification for the energy management systems of RAMPF Polymer Solutions and RAMPF Tooling Solutions at the Grafenberg site. To achieve this, systems and processes were put in place that now record all of the energy flows relevant to operations and thus enable the continuous improvement of energy efficiency."Receiving...

Company name: RAMPF-Gruppe
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

BASF isocyanates, precursors VP named as Euro Chlor chairman

The Euro Chlor General Assembly has chosen Dr. Thomas Wehlage (BASF) as new Chairman of the Management Committee for a two year period, said the company in its press release.Dr. Wehlage holds a Degree and PhD in chemistry from the University of Hamburg and did a Postdoc at Harvard University, Cambridge/USA. He started his career in BASF...

Company name: BASF SE
Published On: Monday November 17th, 2014

New head of Industrial Operations at Bayer MaterialScience

Bayer MaterialScience is getting a new head of Industrial Operations and Technology. Dr. Klaus Schäfer will assume global responsibility for this unit effective January 1, 2015. He will also become a member of the company's highest leadership circle, the Executive Committee, at that same time. Schäfer, 52, who has previously served in other...

Company name: Bayer MaterialScience
Published On: Wednesday November 12th, 2014

Method for producing trans-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene

Provided is a method for producing trans-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene usable as a raw material for a foaming agent for a hard polyurethane foam, a solvent, a cleaning agent, a cooling medium, a working fluid, a propellant, a fluorinated resin, etc., the method involving a step of bringing cis-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene into contact with a...

Company name: Central Glass Company
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Method of reducing odors of lipid-based polyols

A method of reducing odors in lipid-based polyol. At least one lipid-based polyol is provided, and mixed with ricinoleic acid and/or a metal salt of ricinoleic acid. Isocyanate may be added, preferably toluene diisocyanate (TDI). The polyol, and the isocyanate when present, are reacted in the presence of the ricinoleic acid and/or a metal salt of...

Company name: Green Urethanes Limited
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Article formed from a resin composition having a polyurethane encapsulated particle

A resin composition includes a compound having at least two reactive hydrogen atoms and a polyurethane encapsulated particle including a core particle and a polyurethane layer disposed about the core particle. The resin composition may be used in an article and in a method of making the article. The article includes the reaction product of the...

Company name: BASF SE
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Multi-functional bio polyurethane foam and method for manufacturing the same

Disclosed is a multi-functional bio polyurethane foam and a method for manufacturing the same. More particularly, disclosed is a multi-functional bio polyurethane foam containing a reaction product of a resin premix and a pre-polymer, in which the resin premix includes from about 5% by weight to about 30% by weight of a biopolyol. The...

Company name: Hyundai Dymos
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Method for making low density polyurethane foam for sound and vibration absorption

Flexible polyurethane foams that function well in noise and vibration absorption applications are made from a mixture of polyether polyols oxides that each has a hydroxyl equivalent weight of from 1200 to 3000 and at least 70% primary hydroxyl groups. From 5 to 80% by weight of the ethylene oxide-capped polypropylene oxides are nominally...

Company name: Dow Global Technologies
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Low-temperature cureable coating composition and article having cured coating thereof

A coating composition comprising a hydrolyzable silyl-containing (meth)acrylic copolymer which is obtained from copolymerization of an alkyl (meth)acrylate with a silane compound having a long-chain alkylene linker between a hydrolyzable functional group and a radically polymerizable unsaturated group, and an organometallic catalyst is...

Company name: Shin-Etsu Chemical
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Method and composition re polyurethane seating

This invention relates to a coating comprising prepolymer and monomers for application onto polyurethane for chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, water proof etc. Usually polyurethane is porous and does not have sufficient stain, abrasion and chemical resistance. The said coatings developed using technology of chemical grafting that involves...

Company name:
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Low temperature application coating composition comprising polyurea and a phosphorus-containing...

Coating compositions comprising a polyurea formed from a reaction mixture comprising: (a) a first component comprising an isocyanate, the first component having a viscosity of .ltoreq.2000 centipoise at a temperature C.; and (b) a second component comprising an amine. Substrates coated at least in part with such a composition are...

Company name: PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Pressure-sensitive adhesive compositions, pressure-sensitive adhesive layers, and pressure-sensitive...

Provided are a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition that is produced with no tin compound, has a sufficiently long pot life, and can be rapidly crosslinked in the process of forming a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer; and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet each produced using such a pressure-sensitive...

Company name: Nitto Denko Corporation
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Adhesive composition for an optical film

A non-crosslinking type adhesive composition for an optical film is provided that has excellent adhesion to a substrate, allows peeling to be carried out at a suitable peeling strength without leaving an adhesive residue, has excellent reworking properties, can maintain good adhesion properties for a long time, and has excellent durability. The...

Company name: Kuraray
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Adhesive composition for glass bonding, glass assembly and display using the same

Disclosed are an adhesive composition for glass bonding, a glass assembly and a display using the adhesive composition. The adhesive composition includes a urethane-acryl copolymer, a monomer mixture of an acrylic monomer having no hydroxyl group and a monomer having a hydroxyl group, an isocyanate cross-linking agent, and a photo-polymerization...

Company name: Dongwoo Fine-Chem
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Thermoplastic polyurethane with reduced tendency to bloom

The present invention discloses a thermoplastic polyurethane which is comprised of the reaction product of (1) a hydroxyl terminated polyester intermediate, (2) a polyisocyanate, and (3) a glycol chain extender; wherein the hydroxyl terminated polyester intermediate is comprised of repeat units that are derived from 1,3-propylene glycol and a...

Company name: Lubrizol Advanced Materials
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Composite material for ballistic protection and relative method of preparation

The present invention regards a composite material for ballistic protection comprising a ballistic fabric substrate having at least one surface provided with a polymer coating obtainable through foaming and subsequent polymerization of a mixture comprising an acrylic resin and a polyurethane resin. The present invention further regards the method...

Company name: Pro-Systems
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Archery target with coated liner

An archery target includes an impact-absorbing core configured to arrest an incoming projectile and a multilayered bag enveloping the impact-absorbing core and defining an outer surface of the target. The multilayered bag includes a flexible fabric layer comprising a plurality of interwoven fibers and a polyurethane coating layer applied to the...

Company name: J&L Targets
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

High precision manufacture of polyurethane products such as spinal disc implants having gradual...

A process for making a polymeric product having a gradual variation in modulus through at least a portion of the product is disclosed together with an artificial spinal disc formed using the process.

Company name: Ranier Technology
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Mechanically interlocked wheel

A caster wheel for a transportation vehicles comprises an axle assembly, a core, a polyurethane tread, and an elastomeric infill, interposed between an aluminum core and a polyurethane tread. The wheel is manufactured by a multi-stage injection molding or liquid cast process, in which the tread and core are formed separately by injection or liquid...

Company name:
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

New polymers derived from renewably resourced lysinol

Disclosed are salt compositions of lysinol and dicarboxylic acids; and lysinol derived polymers including polyamide, polyimide, polyurea, cross-linked polyurea comprising urethane linkages, polyurea foams, cross-linked polyurea foams, and lysinol-epoxy thermoset.

Company name: E I du Pont de Nemours & Company
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

N-substituted carbamic acid ester production method and isocyanate production method using the...

The present invention provides a method for producing N-substituted carbamic acid-O-aryl ester derived from a compound having an ureido group, the method comprising the step of carrying out esterification or esterification and transesterification from the compound having the ureido group and a hydroxy composition containing one type or a plurality...

Company name: Asahi Kasei Chemicals
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

High refractive index composition

A high refractive index composition comprising a reaction product of one or more first organic compounds capable of undergoing polymerization and one or more second compounds with high refractive index, and the method of making and using the composition. A composition comprising an organic compound obtained by coupling two reactive groups (a) and...

Company name: Battelle Memorial Institute
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

New diurethane plasticizers for polyurethane thermoplastics and perspective functional composites

A method to synthesize low-molecular-mass diurethane compounds via reaction between diisocyanates and various primary and secondary alcohols was presented. A number of diurethanes with the melting points below 100oC were revealed. These diurethanes can be used as fusible plasticizers for thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) and for high-filled...

Company name: Institute of Technical Chemistry of Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Published On: Monday November 17th, 2014

Urinary Biomonitoring of Phosphate Flame Retardants: Levels in California Adults and Recommendations...

Phosphate flame retardants (PFRs) are abundant and found at the highest concentrations relative to other flame retardant chemicals in house dust; however, little is known about the biological levels of PFRs and their relationship with house dust concentrations. These relationships provide insight into major exposure pathways and potential health...

Company name: Silent Spring Institute
Published On: Thursday November 13th, 2014

Rigid triol and diol with adamantane-like core derived from naturally occurring myo-inositol and...

Two orthoester derivatives 1 and 2 that are easily accessible from naturally occurring myo-inositol were exploited as new triol- and diol-type monomers bearing a rigid adamantane-like structure to polyaddition with diisocyanates that gave the corresponding networked and linear polyurethanes. DSC analysis of the networked polyurethanes revealed...

Company name: Kinki University
Published On: Monday November 17th, 2014

Water-blown polyurethane/polyisocyanurate foams made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate and...

Depolymerized polyethylene terephthalate and liquefied wood polyesters can be used as a polyol for the production of polyurethane/polyisocyanurate foams. In this research, liquefied wood was synthesized by using a combination of diethylene glycol and glycerol and due to the possibility of using glycerol that is a by-product in biodiesel production,...

Company name: Center of Excellence PoliMaT
Published On: Monday November 17th, 2014

Polycarbonate polyurethane elastomers synthesized via a solvent-free and nonisocyanate melt...

Soluble and thermally stable polycarbonate polyurethane elastomers were synthesized through a solvent-free and nonisocyanate melt transesterification process. The conditions of this process were studied, and the optimum conditions were as follows: the catalyst dibutyltin oxide dosage was 0.125 wt %, the raw material molar (n) ratio of dimethyl...

Company name: East China University of Science and Technology
Published On: Monday November 17th, 2014

Multiscale approach to the morphology, structure, and segmental dynamics of complex degradable...

A multiscale approach spanning from the segmental (subnanometer) up to micrometer level was applied for detailed study of the self-assembly of aliphatic block polyurethane (PU) elastomers. To understand the principles of the self-organization of hard and soft segments in the complex multi-component systems, several two-component model PU samples,...

Company name: Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry AS CR
Published On: Monday November 17th, 2014

Evaluation of a class of polyurethane materials for intraocular lens manufacturing

Ophthalmic lenses are medical devices with considerable requirements in terms of optical, biomechanical and biological performance. There is limited number of materials used for their manufacturing, comprising mainly silicones and poly(meth)acrylates. This series of publications aims at investigating the applicability of thermoplastic polyurethane...

Company name: University of Liege
Published On: Monday November 17th, 2014

Polyurethanes derived from carbohydrates and cystine-based monomers

Linear [m,n]-type polyurethanes (PUs) fully based on renewable materials are synthesized by interfacial polycondensation reaction of diamines derived from the amino-acid cystine with (bis)chloroformates derived from alditols having L-arabino or xylo configuration. The degradability of the new PUs has been enhanced by the introduction of disulfide...

Company name: Universidad de Sevilla
Published On: Monday November 17th, 2014

Preparing a novel urethane polyol via nonisocyanate route

In a study, researchers report preparation of a novel cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL)-based polyol bearing urethane groups.The urethane group in the polyol was induced via isocyanate free route from the reaction of cyclic carbonate with primary amine. The polyol was characterised by determination of hydroxyl number, Fourier transform infrared...

Company name: Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
Published On: Tuesday November 11th, 2014


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