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Sleep better with this soy-based innovation

In the mid-2000s, consumer demand for environmentally responsible household products started an upward trend. To bring more eco-friendly materials to industrial products, companies strived to develop products that met this increased demand from consumers.One such innovative product, called BiOH (pronounced "bio") visco polyols, was developed by...

Company name: Cargill Biobased Polyurethanes
Published On: Saturday December 26th, 2015

Asia TDI market to stay in doldrums on poor sentiment

Asia's toluene di-isocyanate (TDI) market will remain in oversupply next year amid subdued demand, industry sources said on Monday.A number of northeast Asian producers have been incurring losses since 2014 because of weak prices. Spot prices had continued to slump to multi-year lows this year until October, when they appeared to have bottomed out...

Company name: ICIS Chemical Business
Published On: Monday December 21st, 2015

Stretchable electronics enabled by Panasonic polymer

Panasonic has developed a soft, flexible, and stretchable polymer resin insulating film which stretches 2.5x its length and returns to its original shape.It can be folded and adapts adapts to varying free-form surfaces, so reducing existing design constraints.For example, it enables the construction of soft and stretchable electronic devices that...

Company name: Panasonic
Published On: Monday December 28th, 2015

Recyclable foam developed at UMN

Polyurethene foam; you can find in furniture, your car seats, helmets, pillows, jackets, and even on your kitchen rug! This foam, traditionally has been made from petroleum products is now being redeveloped at the University of Minnesota to be completely recyclable.We've developed a foam that we can take and break down to it's starting components...

Company name: The University of Minnesota
Published On: Saturday December 26th, 2015

Canadian Paint and Coatings Industry Succeeds in Reducing Low-Level VOC Emissions

Environment Canada's recently completed evaluation of the VOC Concentration Limits for Architectural Coatings Regulations reveals that the Canadian paint and coatings industry has significantly reduced low-level emissions over the past four years. The study was done to evaluate the performance four years after the regulations came into force. "We...

Company name: Canadian Paint and Coatings Industry
Published On: Monday December 21st, 2015

PPG Asian Paints launches first waterborne automotive refinish paint in Sri Lanka

PPG Asian Paints Lanka Ltd. announced today the launch in Sri Lanka of ENVIROBASE High Performance (HP) automotive refinish paints - the first eco-friendly waterborne automotive paints introduced in Sri Lanka for use by the refinishing industry. Prestige Automobiles (Pvt) Ltd. is the first PPG Asian Paints customer in Sri Lanka to convert to using...

Company name: PPG Industries
Published On: Tuesday December 22nd, 2015

OSV Technologiya in the list of the best enterprises of Ukraine

Based on the results of the annual International Rating of Quality of products and services OSV Technologiya was included into the list of the best Ukrainian enterprises and awarded of honorary distinction "Star of quality"

Company name: OSV Technologiya
Published On: Tuesday December 22nd, 2015

PROCESSING EQUIPMENTS - PRODUCTION>> RIGID FOAM>> SPRAY Launches Contest to Find Top Spray Rig is proud to announce the Coolest, Sexiest Spray Rig Contest, which will determine the most stand-out spray rig at the Sprayfoam 2016 Convention & Expo. Spray Foam Systems and Quadrant Urethane Technologies are sponsoring the contest, furnishing the winner with thousands of dollars in prizes.We are honored to have two outstanding...

Company name:
Published On: Tuesday December 22nd, 2015

Specialty Products, Inc. Offers Graco Spray Gun and Foam Products at Reasonable Prices

Based in Lakewood, Washington, Specialty Products, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of elastomeric polyurea coatings, polyurethane foam systems, and plural-component application equipment. Established in 1974, Specialty Products, Inc. is one of the industry leaders that provide a range of polyurethane foams, elastomeric polyurea floor...

Company name: Specialty Products, Inc
Published On: Monday December 28th, 2015

IFTI Goes Above and Beyond Building Code Requirements

Since occupant safety is an inherent component of good stewardship in the construction industry, building codes continuously grow more and more stringent as time moves forward. It is imperative that building product manufacturers comply with building codes if they intend to have their product utilized in the field. In the case of fire-protective...

Company name: International Fireproof Technology
Published On: Wednesday December 23rd, 2015

Alaska Insulated Panels tackles cold-climate construction

The science of cold-climate housing continues to evolve in the far north, as builders, engineers and consumers weigh in on the materials and designs needed to produce an energy-efficient structure.Wasilla entrepreneur Ron Burkhardsmeier is part of that mix, forging a business vested in keeping out the cold. Burkhardsmeier owns Alaska Insulated...

Company name: Alaska Insulated Panels
Published On: Monday December 21st, 2015

Buffalo Wire Works Co. Inc. Acquires Rock Polymers Inc.

Buffalo Wire Works Co. Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Rock Polymers, Inc./Tesco, Inc. from Mark and Lynn Slinger. Based in Rollinsville, Colorado, Rock Polymers/Tesco is a leading engineering and manufacturing provider of synthetic parts for the Aggregate, Mining, and Industrial markets."This acquisition complements and...

Company name: Buffalo Wire
Published On: Saturday December 26th, 2015

Wanhua Chemical's Website (Japan) Formally Launched

You are welcome to visit the newly launched Wanhua Chemical's Website (Japan). Adopting responsive web design, this website is available for automatic adjustment based on the size of the monitor screen. It contains four sections: Company Overview, Sci-tech Innovation, Sustainable Development and Product and Service. Users can have an access...

Company name: Wanhua Chemicals
Published On: Saturday December 26th, 2015

From a rollercoaster 2015 to a far-reaching review of delivering quality insulation in 2016

Mel Price, BRUFMA's Assistant Chief Executive, reflects on 2015 and looks forward to what 2016 has in store2015 has been something of a rollercoaster year. Beginning with uncertainty in the industry regarding what colour of Government would emerge from the General Election, withdrawal of a number of key pieces of legislation and a somewhat flat...

Company name: The British Rigid Urethane Foam Manufacturers Association
Published On: Saturday December 26th, 2015

Logo Unveiled for Air Products Spin-Off Company Versum Materials

Air Products' Materials Technologies business spin-off company Versum Materials today unveiled what will become the company's new logo. Prior to the separation date, which is expected to be no later than September 2016, the company is expected to commence using its new logo.Unveiling the logo for Versum Materials is another important step in our...

Company name: Versum Materials
Published On: Saturday December 26th, 2015

Dow DuPont Do What? The Outlook for the Post-Merger Companies

When Dow Chemical and DuPont announced their merger on Dec. 11, they made it clear that the liaison would be short-lived: They intend to break the combined entity into three within a couple of years of the transaction closing. The resulting companies will be active in materials, specialty chemicals, and agrochemicals.What will the new companies...

Company name: DuPont
Published On: Saturday December 26th, 2015

Wanhua Chemical Won Top Brand of China

Jointly sponsored by China Council for Brand Development, China Central Television (CCTV), China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and China Appraisal Society, "China Brand Value Assessment Info Release and Forum 2015" was recently covened in Beijing. Wanhua Chemical Group ranked the second in the energy & chemical sector with its...

Company name: Wanhua Chemicals
Published On: Tuesday December 22nd, 2015

MSU researchers honored for innovation

Two Michigan State University researchers have earned a national honor for being leaders of innovation and invention.Anil Jain, a University Distinguished Professor of computer science and engineering, and Ramani Narayan, a University Distinguished Professor of chemical engineering and materials science, have been named fellows of the National...

Company name: Michigan State University
Published On: Tuesday December 22nd, 2015

PPG announces executive appointments

PPG Industries today announced two executive appointments.Herve Tiberghien, senior director, global human resources, will become vice president, human resources, effective Feb. 28 and report to PPG President and CEO Michael McGarry.Chris Caruso, director, information technology, global architectural coatings, will become vice president, information...

Company name: PPG Industries
Published On: Tuesday December 22nd, 2015

Amines suitable for use in the manufacture of polyurethanes

The present invention relates to the use of nitrogenous compounds of formula (I) or of corresponding quaternized, or protonated compounds, for producing polyurethanes, to compositions containing these compounds and also to polyurethane systems obtained using the compounds.

Company name: Evonik Degussa GmbH
Published On: Sunday December 27th, 2015

Polyamines having secondary aliphatic amino groups

Novel polyamines having secondary amino groups, and a process for producing them, adducts of these polyamines and their uses. The polyamines can be prepared in a simple way from readily available reactants. They and their adducts have, in particular, a low viscosity and are suitable as constituent of polyurethane and polyurea compositions having...

Company name: Sika Technology AG
Published On: Sunday December 27th, 2015

Process for separating an isocyanate prepared by phosgenation of a primary amine in the gas phase...

The present invention relates to a process for separating an isocyanate prepared by reaction of a primary amine with an excess of phosgene in the gas phase from the gaseous crude product obtained in the reaction, wherein (i) the gaseous crude product is partially liquefied by contacting with a quenching liquid, (ii) the gas phase obtained in step...

Company name: Bayer MaterialScience AG
Published On: Sunday December 27th, 2015

Heater element and steering wheel

A heater element is disclosed, including a pair of substrates formed from foamed polyurethane resin and a cord-shaped heater disposed between the substrates, and the substrates are bonded together by hot pressing with an adhesive disposed between the substrates such that the cord-shaped heater is fixed between the substrates. The thickness of the...

Company name: Toyoda Gosei
Published On: Sunday December 27th, 2015

Polymeric formulations with chemically adjustable rheology for the manufacture of prepregs and...

A polymeric formulation comprising at least one first epoxy resin having a density between 100 and 10,000 Pas, a blocked isocyanate, a polymer comprising hydroxy functional groups, a thermoplastic resin and a cross-linking agent, the polymer comprising hydroxyl functional groups with a hydroxyl content in the range 0.65 to 0.95 meq/g, the...

Company name: AVIO
Published On: Tuesday December 22nd, 2015

Polyurea macromer and latexes thereof

The present invention is a composition comprising a) a stable aqueous dispersion of polymer particles having one or more structural units of i) a polyurea macromer; and ii) an acrylate, a methacrylate, a vinyl ester, or a styrene monomer, or a combination thereof; and/or b) an aqueous mixture of a i) polyurea macromer polymer particles; and b)...

Company name: Dow Global Technologies
Published On: Tuesday December 22nd, 2015

Bonding process

The invention relates to a process for bonding a silicone or silicone based material to a polyurethane and use of the bonded silicone-polyurethane in the manufacture of biomaterials, devices, articles or implants, in particular long term implantable medical devices in the fields of cardiology, orthopaedics, plastic surgery and gastroenterology. The...

Company name: AorTech International
Published On: Tuesday December 22nd, 2015

Synthesis of polyurethane polymers via copper azide-alkyne click chemistry for coatings, adhesives,...

The present application is directed at the reaction product of an azide compound having two or more azide groups attached thereto and an alkyne compound having two or more alkyne groups attached thereto, wherein the azide and alkyne groups react in a 1,3-dipolar cyclo addition to form 1,4-disubstituted triazols and wherein the azide or alkyne...

Company name: Sika Technology AG
Published On: Sunday December 27th, 2015

Protective coatings for high strength steels

A process for coating a metallic surface of an aircraft. The process includes applying to the metallic surface a composition that polymerizes to form a polyurea having a tensile strength of more than 3500 psi and at least 700% elongation. The polyurea can be formed from an A-side and a B-side, where the weight percents of components for the A-side...

Company name: Texas Research International
Published On: Tuesday December 22nd, 2015

Low foaming waterborne coating composition and use thereof

The present disclosure is directed to a waterborne coating composition having neutral pH that is low foaming and forms dry coating layer that has high hardness and high gloss. This disclosure is further directed to a coating composition comprising a crosslinking compoent comprising: (a) one or more alkylated melamines that are essentially...

Company name: Axalta Coating Systems
Published On: Sunday December 27th, 2015

Polyurethane adhesives containing alkyl-substituted 4,4'-di(aminocyclohexyl)alkanes,...

Two component polyurethane adhesives contain (a) at least one alkyl-substituted 4,4'-di(aminocyclohexyl)alkane wherein each cyclohexyl group is alkyl-substituted in at least one position ortho to the amino group, (b) at least one 2,4'-di(amino cyclohexyl)alkane or 2,2'-di(aminocyclohexyl)alkane, (c) a mixture of (ii) at least one alkyl-substituted...

Company name: Dow Global Technologies
Published On: Sunday December 27th, 2015

Adhesive, laminate, cell case packaging, cell, high-alkali solution packaging, alcohol-containing...

An adhesive includes a modified olefin polymer (A) allowing a polymer of a C2 to C20 .alpha.-olefin having a structural unit derived from a C4 to C20 .alpha.-olefin to be modified with a monomer having a functional group capable of reacting with an isocyanate group and having a heat of fusion measured in accordance with JIS K7122 of 0 J/g or more...

Company name: Mitsui Chemicals
Published On: Sunday December 27th, 2015

Retroreflective articles and appliques

Retroreflective articles and appliques include a first binder layer with a first major surface and a second major surface, a retroreflective layer including a plurality of retroreflective elements at least partially embedded in the first major surface of the first binder layer, a second binder layer adhered to the second major surface of the first...

Company name: 3M Innovative Properties Company
Published On: Tuesday December 22nd, 2015

Moldings based on reaction products of polyols and isocyanates

Molding compositions are provided that include a) one or more polyisocyanates, b) one or more polyols, c) one or more catalysts catalyzing the reaction between polyisocyanate and polyol, d) one or more pyrogenically produced oxides of a metal or of a metalloid, and e) at least one or more siloxanes.

Company name: Technogel
Published On: Tuesday December 22nd, 2015

Reflective insulation products and methods for manufacturing the same

In accordance with one embodiment of the present disclosure, a reflective insulation product is provided. The product includes a first outer layer having reflective material, a second outer layer, and an inner layer. The inner layer includes fiberglass and urethane, the urethane being present in an amount of at least about 5% by weight. The inner...

Company name: Silvercote
Published On: Tuesday December 22nd, 2015

Panel with fire barrier

A panel includes a first metal facing, an insulating foam layer, and a fire barrier layer between the first metal facing and the foam layer. The fire barrier layer includes a dispersion of expandable graphite in a polyisocyanurate polymer matrix. The polymer matrix is formed by reaction at an isocyanate index of more than 250 of an...

Company name: Dow Global Technologies Inc
Published On: Sunday December 27th, 2015

Chemical mechanical polishing pad with endpoint detection window

A chemical mechanical polishing pad is providing containing a polishing layer having a polishing surface; and, an endpoint detection window; wherein the endpoint detection window comprises a reaction product of ingredients, comprising: an isocyanate terminated urethane prepolymer having 2 to 6.5 wt % unreacted NCO groups; and, a curative system,...

Company name: Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials
Published On: Tuesday December 22nd, 2015

Golf ball cores having foam center and thermoset outer layers with hardness gradients

Multi-layered golf ball core sub-assemblies and the resulting golf balls are provided. The core structure includes an inner core (center) comprising a foam composition, preferably foamed polyurethane. The intermediate and outer core layers are preferably formed from non-foamed thermoset compositions such as polybutadiene rubber. The core layers...

Company name: Acushnet Company
Published On: Tuesday December 22nd, 2015

Golf shoe outsoles

Exemplary methods for making a golf shoe outsole comprise first forming a lower portion of the outsole of a first material comprising thermoplastic polyurethane, and then forming an upper portion of the outsole by pouring a liquid second material comprising polyurethane or expandable thermoplastic polyurethane onto an upper surface of the lower...

Company name: Taylor Made Golf Company
Published On: Sunday December 27th, 2015

Process for producing aqueous polyurethane formulations

A process for producing aqueous polyurethane preparations comprises the steps of: A) providing a solution in at least one solvent of at least one polymeric polyurethane bearing ionizable groups, B) using at least one neutralizing agent to partially neutralize the at least one polymeric polyurethane bearing ionizable groups, C) dispersing the at...

Company name: BASF SE
Published On: Sunday December 27th, 2015

Cushion-like shaped body and use thereof

A cushion-like shaped body (1) having an elastic, gel-like filling (2) in a thin-walled outer layer (3) are frequently used as seals, cushions, vibration dampers or shape compensation materials. This shaped body (1) is to be able to withstand severe strains, distortions, compressions and flexural forces, both in the event of brief severe stress and...

Company name: Technogel
Published On: Sunday December 27th, 2015

Characterization of Chain Motion and Phase Structure of Aromatic Waterborne Polyurethane Film Using...

The phase structure and macromolecular chain motion of aromatic waterborne polyurethane film were examined by the fluorescence technique. Excimer emission of the phenyls appears at 436 and 468 nm and is temperature dependent, suggesting that the hard segments in the intermediate phase can be locally oriented. Binding energy of the excimer structure...

Company name: Guangzhou Medical University
Published On: Saturday December 26th, 2015

Synthesis and Performance of Thermoplastic Polyurethane-Based Solid–Solid Phase-Change Materials for...

This study focuses on the design and synthesis of a novel tetrahydroxy compound, namely terephthalic acid bis-(2-hydroxy-1-hydroxymethyl-ethyl) ester (TABE), to prepare polyurethane-based phase-change materials with a higher phase-change enthalpy and suitable phase-change temperature. Based on the unique molecular structure of TABE, a series of...

Company name:
Published On: Saturday December 26th, 2015

Field assessment of a jointed concrete pavement foundation treated with injected polyurethane...

This paper describes in situ measurement results and analysis of a deteriorating jointed concrete pavement supported on open-graded aggregate subbase that was subsequently treated with high-density polyurethane foam. The foam was injected under pressure into the subbase to improve support conditions, mitigate faulting and improve load transfer...

Company name: Iowa State University
Published On: Saturday December 26th, 2015

Research on the Blocking Reaction Kinetics and Mechanism of Aqueous Polyurethane Micelles Blocked by...

The blocked terminal-isocyanate (NCO) aqueous polyurethane micelles were prepared by using the 2,6-hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI), polyethylene glycol (PEG), dimethylol propionic acid (DMPA), and 2,4,6-trichlorophenol (TCP) as blocking agent. This paper was focused on the kinetics research of the TCP blocking terminal-NCO of pre-polymer, which...

Company name: Northeast Forestry University
Published On: Saturday December 26th, 2015


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